Pueblo IAC Code Sequence for MUX?

  • I need to make a react app to learn the framework a little better. I have a theory that I can do fun stuff with React JS and Node that could actually make use of that ole' MXP/Pueblo protocol since custom XML like elements are the new hot thing (again), especially with React.

    HOWEVER! I can't quite figure out the communication sequence for settling if the client supports Pueblo or not, and have the HTML flag turned on automagically.

    I could always just send a @set me = HTML but you don't choose MUX for the easy way, no do you? :)

  • If I remember right, Pueblo watches for the "This world is Pueblo X.Y enabled." message on the connect screen and then sends a PUEBLOCLIENT command (or something similar) in order to enable HTML support.

    It's not a telnet IAC sequence, at any rate.

  • @sparks Okay, thanks! That makes my life much easier. :)

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