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  • So, this is a shot in the dark and it would have been a little over 20 years ago, but there used to be a game called Children of the Moon that my brother and I played on. I don't really have a lot of games I played so my list is pretty short since CotM was pretty much the only game I played up until recently. I was actually a kid when I was playing it...I would have been maybe a freshman in highschool at the time? At any rate, my character's name over there was Timothy Fitzgerald Falconcrest (I know, I was a weird kid with weird name interests, heh.) He was a Garou (Wendigo) that I spent a long, long time getting up (I haven't played WoD in about the same amount of time, so correct me if I'm wrong here) Fostern which was like...rank 2 or something. It'd be kind of awesome to be able to talk to people again that may still be floating around that played that. It was a long time ago but I still remember some names. My brother was pretty popular over there, he played a dude named Jason Marksely (I think?) and buddied around with a couple characters named Weasel and Heris (Again, names may be a bit fuzzy.) Anyway, if any of that rings a bell hit me up!

    My list since this is relatively short compared to most people since I pretty much stopped playing until recently.

    Crucible City and Crucible City 2 - My brother and I both played on there too, that was a loooong time ago. People would probably know him wayyy before they knew me. I believe I was Bastian over there. I don't remember my brother's characters.

    More recently: Calaveras - My character on that game is Julian.

    I also played some Lovecraft style game several months ago, maybe a year ago? I forget what it was called and I pretty much forgot my character's name too! So yeah, not much of a list, but I'm new to MU Soapbox.

    Sidenote: I played a couple MUDs too: Bloodgeon, Lurking Fear, and Lurking Fear 2. It's highly unlikely anyone played those since they were not RP games so much as just PK (PvP) games. My characters on those games were Vapid, Warpath, Whiteriver...and...uh, I think that's it. Don't remember the rest.

    Anyway, it's a small world so you never know who you might run into again!

  • Pitcrew


    I don't know you at all, but I remember CotM! I also was a wee person when I started mushing myself (13), so I completely empathize with the....

    Yeah. :D

    Thanks for posting this, and I betcha you'll eventually get a few bites. We've got quite a few people around these parts that were playing in the CotM days.

  • @sunny Awesome, I'm glad I'm not crazy and just imagining all this. It feels like it was a lifetime ago! I actually just had another memory surface. I played so much (I was a kid, so I had a lot of free time on my hands) that I eventually earned a staff spot. I was doing the weather updates/code. Not that I remember how any of that works now, hah. But yeah, my staffer name was Templeton.

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    Hahaha, I had something similar happen on a game called Doublecross. I got the position originally (at like 13) because I "coded" bunk code for Changeling (ahahahahahaha) and then when the Changeling wiz quit they made me wiz and my RL best friend (one year older) became the Vampire wiz and -- yeah, it went about as sideways as one can imagine.

  • @68whiskeyman Crucible City! I was She-Hulk the build wiz on the first one, my main character was Samantha Covenant, a private eye. Do you remember your/your brother's concepts or powers? It's been long enough that I've started forgetting names.

  • @kay I do remember the name! But it was so long ago, it's like...ringing a bell in my mind but the details are lost on me. As far as my brother goes, I don't really remember but I do know he was really clever about his character concepts. I think he liked speedster/gadget/super scientist styles of play. I forget his name, but there was a staffer that was an absolute genius when it came to taking an idea you have and translating it into stats on a sheet. I remember the M&M rules being so convoluted and difficult to learn that only a few people really knew how to navigate it. (If I am remembering it correctly!) I was a teenager when I played Crucible City so I played a teen character at that school (I totally forget the name of it).

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