The Stack - An Altered Carbon MUSH

  • What if bodies were just a shell, and people moved between them as easily as moving house? That is the main concept behind our game. Everyone has an alien device implanted in their spines which holds the human consciousness. This device, called a stack, can be transferred into a new body (called a sleeve) upon death of the body.

    The Stack is a MUSH based on Altered Carbon, both the Netflix show and the series of books by author Richard Morgan. We use elements of both to flesh out our theme.

    In many ways, the world of Altered Carbon is classic cyberpunk. There are towering buildings and a literally stratified society (with the rich in penthouses thousands of storeys high and the poor at earth level.) There are flying cars, cybernetic implants, designer drugs, artificial intelligence, robots, and interstellar travel. Our game is small and story-driven, and we use FS3 for chargen.

    If you're unfamiliar with our theme, check out our quick start guide.

    We have spent a few months moving through alpha and beta, and are now officially open. Come join us! 8023 /

    EDIT: We also have a Discord server. If you have questions and don't see anyone on the game, have a look there! I can't be on the game itself from work, but I can check Discord.

  • Please come play on this game. I've been super excited about it.

    I just, uh, need to finish my character. I've been dragging my heels for a while. >.>

  • Pitcrew

    I have absolutely no knowledge of FS3(yet) and I've only seen the show. Other than system requirements on my brain, pretty easy to get rolling?

    Or is lack of book knowledge going to be a bit of a speed bump?

    Was just talking about the posibility of an Altered Carbon MU or an Into the Bandlands MU so this sucker punched me in a neat way.

  • @royal said in The Stack - An Altered Carbon MUSH:

    I have absolutely no knowledge of FS3(yet) and I've only seen the show. Other than system requirements on my brain, pretty easy to get rolling?

    Or is lack of book knowledge going to be a bit of a speed bump?

    Was just talking about the posibility of an Altered Carbon MU or an Into the Bandlands MU so this sucker punched me in a neat way.

    I'm slooooooowly reading the books and so far, people (Staff and other players alike) have been awesome about filling in needed knowledge. In fact, when I began asking about stuff from the books that I couldn't find online (most wikis out there just have show stuff!), @Seraphim73 actually went and populated some wiki pages with what I needed! (It was about planets that might work as point-of-origin for my character)

  • @royal I designed the game to be accessible to anyone who has a working knowledge of cyberpunk. So the fact that you've seen the show is more than enough! And FS3 is super simple and easy to work with (I think, anyway.) I'm of the mind that any stats should help set baselines and give people a framework, but they do not rule RP. At the moment, I'm not even planning on using coded combat.

  • I'm super excited. I love cyberpunk and I am a big fan of everything Richard K Morgan has written, so I am all over this. Hurrah!

  • Pitcrew

    Hey I have a friend that worked on this show! You have my interest.

  • Pitcrew

    I'd be willing to take a look at some point when time allows. Did love the Netflix series, even if I haven't had a chance to read the books. It's on my list.

  • Pitcrew

    I loved the show, had a hard time getting into the books. But the setting is cool, I'll take a peak.

  • @thesuntsar eyes half-read third book on nightstand. Same. We definitely draw primarily from the first book and the TV show because we're set in Bay City.

  • Pitcrew

    Though I lament the missed opportunity to see some Eclipse Phase in use on a MU, this does sound pretty nifty. I might have to finish up the series on Netflix.

  • I loved the books. I'm glad this game happened.

  • What types of plots are going to be going on? Or is it more of a sandbox thing? With so many factions and an entire city as the focus I wonder how you plan to get folks to interact meaningfully.

  • @faraday We're starting out with a focus on the criminal element/lower levels. Meths aren't appable because yeah, they'd only be interacting with each other. I'm strongly encouraging people to app their first alts with reasons to interact with the characters already on-grid.

    We might stay in that small corner of the story if we stay a small game. My aim is to grow the story organically, and in the direction of player interest. I'm going to be focusing my GMing where the majority of players are, so that's another reason for people to app related alts for their first character at least.

  • Just a quick note to say that we're building out the playerbase. I hate a spate of busy RL, but I'm running our first plot scene this coming Tuesday. I endeavor to turn apps around quickly, so there's still time to get approved before then.

    This is however, only the first scene in the metaplot that will reach into different areas with different ways to get involved.

  • Our first plot is now in full swing! If you like investigative threads and gumshoe mysteries in a dystopia full of hi-tech, this may be for you:

    There was recently a fight in the Panama Rose fightdrome (basically a cyberpunk version of a gladiator arena.) There was a masked competitor who promised to unmask herself when defeated. When she was, it was revealed that the fighter had fought in a sleeve that looks very much like the meth (ultra-rich, functionally immortal highest class), Ariana Longbow. Ariana was recently responsible for a massacre of separatist leaders on Three Moon Colony where she is governor. After she was unmasked, the fighter activated an implant that corroded her stack (basically, damaging/destroying her 'soul' so she can't be resleeved and questioned - at least not easily.)


    • How was someone able to make a clone of a meth who was last seen on Earth over 30 years ago? A single clone costs more than most people make in a lifetime.
    • Who is responsible and what is their agenda?
    • Players managed to retrieve the stack before it was completely destroyed. What can they find out about who this person was who fought in the cloned sleeve? The proprieter of the Panama Rose is also under pressure to return the stack to the police as well.


    • Any player can say they were at the fight that night and witnessed what happened, even if they couldn't physically be there for the scene. They can choose their own motivations for nosing around the situation.
    • Cops or private investigators can investigate directly and be involved in the task force that was formed. This involves a meth so the cops are more motivated than they would be otherwise.
    • All criminal orgs have ties back to the meths if you dig upwards enough, so some criminals will find themsleves being asked to dig into what happened as well - either to find dirt on their rival meth family, to please their bosses or because their boss is allied with the Longbows.
    • Hackers, especially freelance ones who sometimes work with law enforcement, could get tagged in to help dig for information. Same for the criminal ones.

    If none of these hooks immediately draw your char (or potential char) in, please speak to me and we'll work something out!

  • Just an update to see that we're still here and kicking, with lots of outstanding plot threads to tug at!

    • A second clone of Ariana Longbow has surfaced in a recording. Like the first one, she slagged her own stack (killed herself.)
    • Many of the people investigating the case were left threatening shattered stacks at their homes or places of business. Around the same time, a DJ emerged calling herself DJ Shatterstack.

    In particular, there's a lot of hooks for cops at the moment, but just about any underworld type could be easily looped in!

    We're still small, but there's activity every night.

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