Persistent World Advertising Discord

  • I've got a discord that literally only exists to do one thing - be a discord where people can advertise for their games in our hobby.

    If you are staff for a game, I'll give you a channel and 100% control over what goes on in that channel. Knock yourself out.

    If you're a player, you can see which games have active discord foo. Some of the games on there arn't MU, but they're all games that are open 24/7 with story elements.

    'But isn't that what we're doing here already?'
    Of course it is, but not everyone who chats on discord is on soapbox or vice versa.

    'Why are you bothering with this?'
    I want to see the hobby stay strong and the community vibrant. A lot of people only ever find one game, then quit the hobby when the game ends. The more ways there are for them to find out about other games they can enjoy, the better.

    'Is this just a way to lure players to your game?'
    I don't currently run any games or staff on any games. Going to be the neutral watcher cameo'd as Stan Lee and meddle as little as I can while keeping the server useful.


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