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    I'm trying to figure out how to set up a wiki to TinyMUX interface for news and help files. After setting up inline SQL through ./configure and getting a hooks section into the muxname.config file, what are the steps I'm missing (outside of creating a MUSH_news/MUSH_help section in the wiki)? I figure there's a query I'm blanking on that needs to be run and likely some kind of soft code that calls the database. Quick fixes aren't necessary, but advice would be super neato keen.

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    Important step:

    Make it not look like garbage.

    (No offense @Chime. I still <3 you.)

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    @Cobaltasaurus said:

    Important step:

    Make it not look like garbage.

    What might be a good idea to circumvent this is to set the wiki pages themselves to be hidden and write them without using standard MediaWiki formatting (like the ** bold and '' italics) since that's generally what makes the +news and +help files look like shit when accessing from the game. This way the wiki pages don't look like shit when accessing through the site (since you wouldn't be able to), and they'd look more coherent on the game.

    Though, I'm not entirely certain how often news and help files are accessed through a wiki over a MU*. Another alternative would be to just place a message in the +news/+help commands that says "Go here: <link>." (but more diplomatic than a general imperative.) But that might also be pretty fucking annoying since it goes entirely against western culture's necessity for immediate gratification.

    While writing this, I had an idea regarding using raw text on a wiki page that would pull into the MUX rather than wiki formatting, but I'm not entirely certain if MediaWiki would support that. Chances are it does not. And since TinyMUX hasn't been updated to account for this very specific, almost unnecessary convenience, I'm not sure that wiki formatting will be hardcoded into the TinyMUX codebase for some time (outside of TinyMUX not having been updated for two and a half years).



    That's a the schema diagram for the tables that mediawiki sets up. You need to do a series of joins to "look up" a wiki page, then some text transformations for formatting.

    I'd say ask someone to grab a decompile of Wikinewshelp on the reach, but honestly that was some of my very first mushcode and it needs to be thrown out. The core thing you want is:

    &QUERY.NEWSHELP #1025=select page_touched,old_text from wiki_page inner join wiki_revision on page_latest=rev_id inner join wiki_text on rev_text_id=old_id where page_namespace=%0 and page_title='%1'

    But I suspect @Thenomain is the one to ask as it's been changed many many times since I've looked at it.

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    <3 Thank you, @Chime. This helps quite a bit. I'll pester Thenomain about more lengthy things.

  • Lemme know how it works out for you, but-- doing new things for new games, I'd recommend starting to consider other options. MediaWiki is a gargantuan and moderately filthy PHP app. Less awful than forums, but it is what it is.

    Just as this forum software seems to be a better alternative to phpBB/SMF, there might well be (or should be) some shiny node.js based wiki system. Doing it with that would allow for future integration with node.js based MUservers, if such a thing ever comes to pass.

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