Mists of Barovia - A Savage Worlds MUX

  • This is an interest check post to see if anyone would be interested in such a game.

    So the past few years I've fallen into a personal slump creativity wise and I've been slowly crawling out of that with some private RP places. One of the things I want to do in 2019 is open a public game. I'm just trying to decide which game to go public with. My first choice is Mists of Barovia, a Ravenloft inspired game. It also harkens back to an old game I use to play on back in the day, Crypt MUX.

    I say inspired because it mixes a lot of different things together; Ravenloft, Ravnica, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls mainly. Strahd is assumed dead, having died battling an angel that got trapped in Ravenloft. Since his death the land has gone mad. "Creatures" haunt the woods making travel between towns, villages, and cities treacherous. The game takes place in what is now the largest city in Barovia, the same named Barovia City.

    What can people play? Humans, elves, dwarves, half-vampires, lycanthropes, vampires, patchwork men, daeva("children" of the angel that supposedly killed Strahd), etc. Standard "horror" fantasy fare.

    What would people do? The game is about survival, both from the threats external(the "creatures") and internal(a lot of politics). The vampires and daeva live in a sort of standoff without being able to really go at each other without leaving themselves vulnerable to some other threat. This is where we mix in a bit of Game of Thrones I guess.

    We use the Savage Worlds system for character sheets and what not.

    Anyway, that's the crux of it. We've had a blast doing the game privately but I've been tempted to open the doors to anyone who wanted to play. Before I go through the work of making it "public ready", however, I just want to be sure there's interest in such a game.

  • Super interested!

  • Pitcrew

    I just want to play a morally agnostic tailor who is thrilled at having undead clients because he can do truly exquisite tailoring for people who don't need to breathe.

  • I'm likewise interested in this idea. :)

  • Pitcrew

    Hell yeah. This sounds rad.

  • Sounds super interesting!

  • Pitcrew

    Is this just the barony of Barovia or the full Demi-plane of Dread?

    I've been considering a similar game only with some Mouse Guard and maybe some Wuxia, so this interests me.

  • It's just Barovia but that's also just our starting point. The land "shattered" when Strahd died(or whatever happened to him) and was reshaped much like it was during the grand conjunction in old school Ravenloft. So it could contain whatever we want it to. We do not intend, at this time anyway, to include any other Dark Lords but we may incorporate aspects of other domains. The village of Barovia itself has changed quite a bit and has become a full city.

  • I'd love it.

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone. This has been a dream project of mine for years, it's nice to know there'd be an audience for it if it went live.

    It's not quite as easy as saying "it's going to happen". I'm working with some other people and several of them want me to go live with a superhero game we've been playing on. Mists of Barovia also needs some work to be public ready. Regardless, I think it's something that will happen...at some point. Just not sure when. :)

  • I'd totally be down for this! Poke me here if you need help with building anything.

  • Thought I'd do an update on this project as I've gotten a few PMs about it. RP has currently been put on hold on the game as I prep the game for a public release and upgrade everything from Savage Worlds Deluxe to the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Most things are similar but it does require at least minor changes to almost everything, especially bloodlines(our races/species) and templates since they've revised their race creation guidelines.

    There's no real ETA for when this will be ready for RP again but I'm hoping not more than a month or two. :)

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