Looking for a player

  • Not sure if I'm doing this right, but here goes!

    So, I used to play on CoMux and Marvel 1963 a couple years ago as a character named Ford Benett (on both games). I had to stop playing for various RL reasons (chiefly, a new job and a health issues with my baby sis). There was a really awesome player who played Claire Temple on both games as well, along with Lois Lane and Elektra on Marvel 1963. I'm kicking myself for not getting her other contact info (I'm not even sure what her typical handle would be), but she was an awesome player, and I'm hoping to try and find her again, if possible.

    If anyone happens to recognize her, or know how to get in touch with her (as they played females on both games, I'm kind of guessing it's a female player, if that helps?), would they kindly point them my way, or slip me some alternate contact info so I can try to reach out to them? I'd like to catch up with them!

  • @captainford

    You’re doing it right.

    Best of luck.

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