Arx: Late Night IC Assistant

  • Tutorialist

    This might be a strange request, I'm looking for someone for a particular type of role for my character Clover@Arx:

    Clover is a character designed to be a support / researcher. One of her main skillsets is investigating. However, my work training has ramped up and I'm working pretty consistently overtime AND my hours are pretty late. I'm able to catch some west-coasters but I'm often on too late for east-coasters. So passing /on/ the lore Clover's able to find can be difficult.

    So I'm looking for someone who can be available later in the evenings (especially Thurs / Fri, where it doesn't have to be too late because those are my days off). Who would be available to RP about Clover's research projects and then pass that information on to other people.

    RP would be a must, obviously, because @clues with no context is not good. HOWEVER. I also want someone who has other hooks as well, so they're not spinning their wheels for me. This'd be one role/job for the character, not all of them.

    If you're interested let me know! Can be either a new character, or one already approved.

  • Pitcrew

    @cobaltasaurus weeps in third shift

  • Depending on how late we're talking you might be a good fit for early bird europeans.

  • @Cobaltasaurus

    I gotcha, babe. Hit me up on Volcica, and we can get the ball rolling.

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