A Shout Into the Deep Dark Void

  • Dear Soapbox. I've been bad. Very bad. You see, I quit MU*ing back in late 2004, and while I kept checking in during the odd incarnations of this board (from Snark to now), I never had an inclination to play anymore. Sorry? Not sorry? I don't know. But as the year draws to a close and another decade almost gone, I'm missing the creative back and forth I once enjoyed with some of you back in the day.

    I'd played since '92. Furry (3 months then never again), TwoMoons, AmberMush. Chivalry 1-3 (4 didn't exist. Really. It didn't.), Camelot, Tapestries, Incarnations of Immortality (muck and mush), DWR (first and second), Persistence of Memory, Columbus Twilight, and probably a smattering of others I'm forgetting.

    So. What's a good game or two to check out after my 14 year hiatus?

  • Pitcrew

    @smmc What an absence! What sort of stuff are you interested in? Looks like maybe some medieval/fantasy games in there? Not sure about all the games on your list.

  • Pitcrew

    lulz, you stopped MUing before I even started.

  • Pitcrew


    Welcome back to the hobby. If you need a point of contact and some handholding, feel free to send me a PM. Only place I'm currently playing on is an original fantasy game, but I enjoy it!

  • @roz Medieval, fantasy, sci fi, WoD, OT. If it's interesting and fun, I could be interested (even in themes I'm burned out on, like Star Wars. Disney might have ruined the hype, but good players could bring me back.)

    Yeah, that was one hell of an absence, yeah? Hahaha!

  • @sunny Thank you, thank you. :) Don't need so much hand holding (unless I were to be nuts enough to want to code again. Which is a big fat NAH). Being away from tooling around on unix has been a small learning curve, but Google has helped refresh very rusty knowledge (Because. Tinyfugue).

    At this point I'm half convinced everyone I used to play with is either dead or retired. LOL! (My only remaining friends from that time that I'm still playing with are with me in WoW and play by post games in Google Docs.)

  • @coin Lulz indeed! Honestly, it's kind of astounding (but reassuring) that the hobby is even still around if you think hard enough about it.

  • Pitcrew

    If you want something super-easy, try Calaveras - http://calaveras.wikidot.com

    This site is dedicated theme to an adult drama oriented MUSH. We are focused on adult oriented RolePlay with a more direct focus centered around town members. The intention is to include an inordinate amount of drama with Calaveras as the central point of activity. This is meant to be similar to most adult television dramas. What we may see as an abnormal amount of activity involving police, rescue, fire, criminal activity, drug activity and the like is simply everyday life for citizens of Calaveras. It seems a surmountable endeavor, but they juggle these events along with their personal drama.

    It's sort of slice-of-life if life was a pie full of drama instead of responsibilities and shit.

  • Pitcrew

    @smmc said in A Shout Into the Deep Dark Void:

    @roz Medieval, fantasy, sci fi, WoD, OT. If it's interesting and fun, I could be interested (even in themes I'm burned out on, like Star Wars. Disney might have ruined the hype, but good players could bring me back.)

    Arx is my main game. Original fantasy theme, kind of medieval/renaissance-ish. High fantasy world that thinks it's low fantasy and has been slowly discovering magic again. It can be very dense, a lot of lore and secrets to discover and uncover, and it's more code-heavy than other MUSHes/MUXes I've experienced. I certainly love it, though, and staff and the playerbase try pretty aggressively to help make things welcoming for newcomers. Website is here if you wanna poke around.

    Yeah, that was one hell of an absence, yeah? Hahaha!

    I actually took a break around the same time! 2004ish, I mean. It's just that -- I came back in 2009.

  • Ah, Tapestries. Yeah. I used to sandbox there a thousand years ago (2001 to 2015? Off and on?) PM if you wanna trade names, see if we knew each other. Welcome back! Some good games around here! :D

  • @sincerely tbh, I don't even remember what character name/names I used on Tapestries now, it's been too long! Otherwise I'd trade. =)

  • @roz pokes around the web page That certainly sounds right up my alley. Thank you for the suggestion!

    Breaks are good. I hadn't really intended to stay gone as long as I did, but play by post was keeping me happy. It's less satisfying now.

  • @krmbm I had come to the conclusion once upon a time, that mushes were mirroring soap operas. There were tarot readers in cafes, unsolved murders in the woods, and all the usual mayhem. And I saw these mirrored between the games I played and the soap operas I used to watch. Sounds like this game just shrugged and embraced it. grin Thank you for the pointer!

  • Maaaaan. I don't think I'd heard anyone talk about TwoMoons in decades. Brings back memories and lots of wtf was I doing moments.

  • @iluvgrumpycat I stumbled across an archive of TwoMoons logs from back in the day (92/93). Emoticons in RP. That's all I'm gonna say... (Seriously, what were we doing?)

  • @smmc I've no idea. But I think we were all crazy back then.

  • @iluvgrumpycat We were in our teens/early 20's. Of course we were all crazy. =) (Well, most of the people I played with were, with about 3-4 exceptions in their 40's.) Upside, in those days of crazy, I met my husband on TwoMoons.

  • Welcome back. I liked some of those games quite a lot, even if yeah, we were all crazy back then.

    Hiatuses are never easy. I wish you much luck in your return to the fold!

  • @egg Thank you very much. :) And yeah, hiatus' are hard. Stay away long enough, you feel like a wide eyed newbie again and try to remember how in the world you ever found your playgroups/friends in the first place. It's hard to get back in, but I know it's worth it when you do. So I'll certainly give it a good try. (As soon as I decide on a game or two.)

    I honestly loved... well, most of those games. Each was left for various and sundry reasons from game closure (AmberMush), to the usual admin drama that blows up games, leaving them barren wastelands.

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