Dinosaurs from the 1990s

  • Looking for people from long long ago... I encourage you to laugh at my vague descriptions:

    Johnny Cool the Virtual Adept from Texas Twilight.
    Serpent Pon (I think) the peaceful transgender Dreamspeaker from Texas Twilight.
    The female Hollow One from Texas Twilight.
    The crazy Brujah Anarchist woman and her female sidekick from Texas Twilight

    Bilestoad the midget Nosferatu from that Mush set in New Orleans (Cajun Nights I think?)
    The female coroner (who was a Euthanatos, I think?) from that same Mush set in New Orleans.
    That one dude who I first played with on a MUD, and then I convinced him to switch over to MUSHing. And he played some female Wyrm-twisted werecat on the mush set in New Orleans.

    The Samedi Sabbat Paladin on that Mush set in Chicago.

    Jean-Paul the voodoo Tremere from the Mush set in Pittsburgh.

  • This reads a lot like http://www.theyfightcrime.org/

  • I played a coroner in New Orleans -- Wendy the Sluagh, who took the last breath from the lungs of corpses and used it to flavor her tea, at Crescent City. Dunno if that's who you mean, though. :)


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    @EmmahSue Yes, but did she fight crime?

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