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  • I'm pretty sure people have basically begged for this at various points in time. Please, allow me to pull back the curtain for you. I've apped on a lot of places over the years and dropped them within a week, and my memory is terrible. Let's see what I remember...

    Previous :
    Firan : Gemma when she was 30+, Zeynasi after the staffer got bored with her. A dozen other people briefly. Tia, Linni, Shade after the staffer got bored with her.
    CoFaB - Lucretia and Zhen Ji
    The Reach - Xiao
    That One Vampire Game Everybody Raves About - Aoife
    Reno 1&2 - Selina and also staff as....somebody. I forget.
    Dystopia - Some azn mob bitch. Also named Xiao maybe? I liked that game, shame it died.
    Fallen World - Black Card and Katrina
    Mutant Genesis (and the branch off DC game) - Co-creator (Stark) and Magik.
    San Francisco - Cersei + alts.
    Arx - Marian for like...a month waaaay back when she was first created.

    Current :

    lol go fuck yourself

    alt text

  • I, too, miss Dystopia.

    Sometimes I wanna beg for its resurrection so I can play Elizabeth again.

  • @tempest You forgot City By the Bay.

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