V5 Online Tabletop via Discord?

  • I really like V5.. I haven't really been this inspired for Vampire since the new MET LARP book came out.

    My short term in person tabletop V5 game will be winding down soon.

    I'm debating running a V5 game on Discord.

    I like you guys, and I think it would be fun to actually run a game without all the MU* baggage.

    I am curious if there would be 4-5 people (5 would be ideal) who might be up for a once-weekly V5 tabletop game via Discord, Eastern time in the evening, using text channels for the game, with voice channel for some things like background music.

    The setup for the game would be Camarilla-based, focused on a city following up a few scant years after a majority of their Elders have left, succumbed to the Beckoning. The ideal for the PC coterie would be involved loosely in the political aspects of the city, with leeway for the players to involve themselves as deeply as they would like. But with this new open world, what secrets were the Elders hiding and what things that go bump in the night are now bold enough to make their way into the city? What brave new worlds opened up for the PCs?

    ETA: A couple of other things:

    • In addition to Chronicle Tenets and Convictions, there would be a 'soft list' of Sins that gain stains, as implied by the book text and confirmed by Karim (essentially there are other situations, mostly related to being a bloody monster, that should generate Stains but they didn't give a full list.
    • Game would be run via Discord, text-based so as MU*-alike as possible. Discord has a V5 dicebot which works wonderfully.
    • Character sheets and such would be done on Google Sheets for ease of access of everything in real time.

    If you're interested you can PM me or post here. If you have questions, feel free to PM me or post.

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