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    I suppose I should go ahead and rip this bandaid off. Then again I have no idea if anyone knows me at all! I've been ghosting around the periphery of games for longer than I was active at this point.

    Past PCs/Staff:
    Honeysuckle Rose Sinclair - Redcap Shadow Courtier - Ashes2Ashes
    Geneva, Cult of Ecstasy Mage - Ashes2Ashes
    Hail - Changeling Staff - Ashes2Ashes
    ... a Troll Fiona Knight who was also a firefighter - Denver, whose name I cannot remember. T something?
    Rabbit, a bobcat pooka - Denver
    Dez, Satyr - Denver (For like, 5 minutes)
    Gir/Sister Grimm - Changeling Staff - Denver
    A merchant Eshu whose name I don't remember - Denver
    Baron Jon ap Fiona of the Butterfly Barony - TeaTime II
    Itzy, lynx pooka, one of the commoner leaders of the Commoner Freehold that I don't remember the name of, - TeaTime II
    Eiluned Sidhe with a mysterious monster under her skin - Persistence of Memory -- Was that the game set in Hawaii? I think it was set in Hawaii. Man. Uhm. Alicia? Maybe?
    Captain Rio, Scathach Sidhe based on the legend of Sedna - Arctic Rage
    Black Fury Ragabash, I can't recall the name of - Cajun Nights
    Eva, Get of Fenris Ragabash/slam poet extraordinaire - City of Hope
    Alala/Countess Ionae the lioness of Fiona - City of Hope
    Shane, Black Fury turned Silent Strider Philodox out of time - City of Hope
    SugarGlider, Changeling Staff - City of Hope
    Rhys, Fianna Philodox - City of Hope
    Lady Aeria ni Fiona the Starborn - Oathcircle
    Scabious, Co-Headstaff - Oathcircle
    Juliana Pravus - Arx
    Lark Grayson - Arx (literally overnight. I was so silly)
    Vincenzo Villente - Arx (why did I give him up again?)
    Korka Glynn - Arx

    I am positive there are more that I just can't remember.

    Reigna Keaton - Arx
    Alecstazi Thrax - Arx

    So yeah. I had some rough patches, I was a monster flake for a good number of years. I'm pretty sure 'flake' was my defining character trait for a while there. I fell in with people that were not the greatest and I did some shitty stuff, but I'd like to think I've grown up in the 17 years I've been doing this.

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    @aerianyx <3<3 I love Reigna. Not having you as a protege was a sad part of dropping Ainsley again.

  • Pitcrew

    @cobaltasaurus I miss you-Ainsley too! You are awesome! But I need to hang out with Clover again.

  • @aerianyx said in AeriaNyx's Playlist:

    Gir/Sister Grimm - Changeling Staff - Denver

    Dammit, your list looked familiar.


    alt text

    Although, now that I think of it, my Denver by Night name was:

    alt text

  • Pitcrew

    Damn, it's been a while. Good to see you again!


  • Pitcrew

    Updated! Sort of.

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