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    For those who enjoy MMO rp:

    Lord of the Rings Online has just started two legacy servers. These are fresh start servers that only include the chapters and content of the initial release (up to Angmar). Expansions for the legacy servers are expected to roll out every four months, allowing for a relaxed, steady progression through the content.

    It occurred to me that it might be fun to have a group of players 6-10 in number that were interested in rp'ing through the content one night a week and creating a story about a group of unlikely heroes. If you have played LotRO, you know it draws on a huge well of lore, and (with the exception of a few non-critical missteps) does a nice job of integrating that lore into the storyline quests.

    The legacy servers are VIP only, so in order to play on them, folks have to pay the $15/mo subscription fee. That said, it means the maturity level and investment in the game & story tend to be much higher than on FTP servers. The game is definitely showing its age, but I've been impressed to rediscover how well written it is and how much attention has been paid to detail in it.

    Anyway! If something like this interests you, let me know, and if there is a group that seems interested in giving it a shot, I'll put something together. Anor and Ithil are the name of the legacy servers, and from what I can tell, Ithil seems to be the server of choice for rp at the moment.

  • I've been on Ithil since Friday. The lowbie areas are jam packed with players. People are teaming, people are doing instances, it's been a real blast.

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