Theno's GMC CG/Check Invocation Limit Issue...

  • At the request of some friends I've been playing around with @Thenomain's GMC c-gen and sheet code and I think I have it 99% working. The one sticking point(so far) seems to be the cg/check command, it keeps shredding my function invocation limit. Specifically, it appears to be the check.badstats portion of the code. I've raised the limit and it keeps happening.

    What's weird is if I run the function separate from the rest of the command it will work...on some characters(well one, the test mortal character). If I try to run it on anyone else it exceeds the function invocation limit. The rest of cg/check works fine if I remove the check.badstats portion.

    Anyway, I've been staring at it for hours and I need to sleep so I thought I'd post about it here to see if anyone else has encountered this when installing this code? Thanks!

  • @zombiegenesis What did you set it to?

    You probably need to set it higher.

  • IIRC, I have mine set to 200,000.

  • I currently have it set to 900000000 just trying to find a limit where it wouldn't break. I'm gonna go back and check the function to make sure I didn't break it creating an endless loop or something.

  • @zombiegenesis @Taika 200,000 should be good. Seems like something else might be happening. If you wanna DM me I can help troubleshoot?

  • Thanks, I appreciate the offer but I actually do need to crash. It's weird because I can run the bits and pieces just fine. It's only when the function is run at once that it has an issue. In fact, it was using the bits of this command that brought another problem to my attention, for some reason it's not treating Humanity as an advantage for vampires; it wants them to have integrity(the badstat check kicks humanity back and the stat/set command will set integrity but not humanity). So I have a lot of debugging to do when I get back to the PC. :)

  • @taika said in Theno's GMC CG/Check Invocation Limit Issue...:

    IIRC, I have mine set to 200,000.

    Hell, 20,000 should be fine, tho I do ask people to set it to about 100k just to be safe, tho I've been doing this for a long time.

    Part of the reason there is a "search order" is to break down the overall stat search to more manageable chunks.

    "badstats" should be checking against the existing sheet. This doesn't mean it has fewer stats to check (there are very few stats beginning with 'st', for instance), but perhaps I can take some time looking into it. Perhaps integrating the search order will help.

    I should note that this is the first time I've run into this problem, tho I did change some things for Reno and can't remember if I folded it into the main code. I'll probably want to log in and check it out.

  • Ok, cool. I'll PM you a log on so you can do it at your leisure.


    Dear Windows Users,

    Don't use TextPad to code for UNIX.

    Use NotePad++



    The slightly longer story:

    The reason for the #-1 Invocation Limit was because the upped limit wasn't being read by the game on startup/restart, but parts of the netmux.conf file were.

    The reason for that wasn't because of permissions (my #1 guess) but eventually remembering that @ZombieGenesis was using winscp to upload the edited file, which means editing on Windows, which means using Windows-encoded returns.

    So the older parts of the file were being read by the game fine, but the things added new were not.

    NP++, UNIX-style EOLs, and viola, everything is running smoothly.


    ZG: Remember to un-alias 'm' from 'page'.

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