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  • Hi! So, I've been doing DnD with a group of friends on https://roll20.net/ and using Discord for Voice. I was wondering if anyone would like to start up a group. I don't think I know enough to be able to DM so we'd need someone like that.

  • Pitcrew

    5e, 3.5, 3.0, Pathfinder?

  • Did you have any suggestions or advice on using Roll20.net, as in how might a MU* player best transition to it. Asking for potential players and DMs alike.

  • @Jeshin I'm learnign on.. um.. 5e. So probably that one.

    @Misadventure I've been winging on it. for the DnD stuff my group has been using there is a autocharacter maker thing for level 1. It doesn't seem that difficult to transition. This is my firstime doing tabletop stuff not on a mu*. And it hasn't been very hard to transition. Though, the friends I've been learning with are awesome and handhold me through stuff.

  • @icanbeyourmuse Do you do mostly verbal, mostly written, any in character "poses", or even text descriptions of places and characters? I am wondering how much MU* behavior works well. My group tried a long time ago, and some were trying to make it a MU* and some were doing as spoken tabletop.

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    Edited for mansplaining bullshit I just posted.

  • @misadventure I think how that is done would depend on the people involved. On the dnd sheet there is a place for descriptions and backgrounds.

    The group I am with do Voice chat so a lot of stuff is said vocally. We have all been friends for a fair amount of time. The GM has visuals and he vocally says what we are seeing. So, I am inclined to say how mu* and tabletop reconcile with each other depends on the people involved.

  • @misadventure Turn off Roll20's video and voice options, use Discord (or your favourite chat program that all the other players/DM shoudl have). You also don't need to purchase anything to play Roll20, at all. The extras are nice to have, but not a requirement. Figure out, beforehand, how to set up initiative, and a map/background for people to play on. There's more but I am at work. xD

  • @misadventure As far as spoken or text, you can do either or both, really. It's up to your comfort level. You can look through the "players wanted" forum at Roll20, and you'll find plenty of text-only offerings, and others with voice chat as a requirement. From my experience, since it feels a bit more 'live' than a MU*, a text-only Shadowrun game was quite taxing as a GM. The text chat does have some limited emit/speak-as capability, though. I just found it much easier, and faster, if I spoke instead of typing.

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    Look up tampermonkey and roll20, tampermonkey is a scripting addon which someone has written free (and legal) scripts to emulate roll20s subscriber features. This includes stuff like integrated character sheets, dynamic, lighting, etc etc.

  • @jeshin said in DnD Group:

    free (and legal) scripts to emulate roll20s subscriber features

    Question: If they're simulating features for which one must usually pay, how is it legal? Not legal in terms of the law, but legal in terms of terms of service violation.

  • Pitcrew

    @tINUVIEL Beucase roll 20 does none of the actual work on the sheets themselves. YOu think roll20 made a Harnmaster character sheet? Or a Shadowrun character sheet? Nah that was a community user who submitted it to roll20 that they then curate and sell as part of the package. So there is probably some nebulous ownership issues there.

  • @d-bone Then how can they charge for access, unless they're paying the members of the community? In which case that doesn't really answer how it is acceptable to access materials that're cordoned off by a pay-wall.

  • Pitcrew

    An excellent question, and one where I suspect they trade perks and features for users who sell their work on roll20 in bundles or the like? It's not totally clear to me, but I have been in a TT group who was in communication with roll20 and got basically free premium membership for making a harnmaster character sheet an other templates and dice rollers related to that game specifically.

    And becuase it's a trade- and Roll20 is sort of notorious for doing ad-hoc dealings- I don't think there is any strict transfer of rights. If that makes sense? So I don't think ROll20 has bought out any of the people who made these sheets becuase roll20 has not any interest in further developing or supporting the sheets themselves. If that makes sense? I could be talking out of my ass though, I only know what I see through the grapevine of talking with my GM and his interactions with Roll20

  • @d-bone I just want to avoid the advocacy of doing anything illicit here, is all. So my concern isn't really about who owns what as such, it's more 'are we absolutely sure this won't get us into hot water'.

  • Pitcrew

    Well the way I think about it is this- I don't think my GM ever signed any papers or documents consenting that he gave over ownership of his coding to design the sheet. So.. how would roll20 prosecute a third party application simulating it then? I guess? Iunno.

  • @d-bone Prosecution isn't the only recourse. They could just ban people.

  • Pitcrew

    @tinuviel Maybe, but its easy to make an account on roll20, multiple ones, its free after all! The biggest draw I think is sort of the cloud based storage services roll20 offers anyway.

  • True, but it's less about inconvenience and more about not wanting to publicly suggest one break a service's rules.

  • Pitcrew

    You can research it further but basically, tampermonkey has community written scripts which enable comparable features to the ones you get via premium membership. Tampermonkey does not steal or exploit site weaknesses to enable these features.

    Kind of like for DNDBeyond you can get D&D Beyond Interaction and Beyond Help which uses scripts to create a quality of life improvement on the website such as dice rolling, monster health trackers, etc etc.

    EDIT - Or like a community mod for Elder Scrolls Online to update the interface and add information / functionality.

    EDIT2 - https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/210894/scripts-a-listing-of-all-available-api-scripts <---- they provide free scripts and links to other threads discussing scripting here.

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