Grand Theft Auto

  • I've come up with a system for a legitimate Grand Theft Auto MUSH, that is essentially a judge-run game (with light interference with judges, just recording rolls, the rules are simple and rigid).

    It's tight, non-traditional, and matches the flamboyant style of the games, while still giving you a great deal of flexibility as a player. The game's 'Missions' are the story, and they're modified as each player creates them with a storyteller/judge, and advances them as they attempt the missions of other players.

    The system is here: theft auto.txt?dl=0

    I've got the basics of the coded system already available, I just have to combine my 1d5 critical dice system that is the basis of the numbers, with the hard and wild dice system I designed for Titanic Two-Tone Tales MUSH.

    If I did this, would anyone help? This would be the creation of an entire theme, grid, coded basis, and then the daily administration of the game.

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