Arx: A New House

  • I'm going to give it another go.

    I'd like to start a new House on Arx but to do that I need no less than 3 other players willing to charcreate with me. These characters will need to be roster_ok if they don't work out for their original players.

    Initial concept:

    Name: House Tessere (barony or march undecided)
    Words: "We Dare"
    Sigil: A small serpent twining around a rose.
    Fealty: Fidante (probably)
    Focus: ICly, their income will come from the creation of luxury fabrics and fashion exports; they may have once been a military power in their region but after a long ago smack on the nose for some misbehaviour, they have shifted to a more economic and social game. Economic/social focus, but their proximity to the Oathlands mean that chivalric/knightly concepts aren't uncommon either. OOCly, I would like to focus on a heavy political game, social maneuvering, and a longer term plan to grow the House from smaller to formidable while exploring the tasty Lycene/Oathlands hybridization.

    I'ma be looking to create the Baroness or Marquessa. Family, ranked staff and allies are all totally open. If you'd like to brainstorm, ping me. I want to do this right so it won't be happening overnight (it's going to require staff approval once all of the pieces are in place) but this is the starting point. Let's do this thing!

  • Tutorialist

    I hope you get folks! I totally would if I hadn't just picked Clover back up.

  • Pitcrew

    I've heard a lot about this Arx place. I thought they were Roster only, and were kinda patterend off of Firan? To be honest, while I like fantasy games, I've avoided trying anything that sounds too much like Firan. Not that many mushes left these days though, especially medieval fantasy ones.

  • Pitcrew

    OCs are allowed. In the case of this thread you'd be creating an OC for the new House that would only go to Roster if you dropped them as a character.

  • @secretfire I'd say nearish half of the characters in the game are OC? Might be lower than that, but it's significantly greater than "a few". They are not odd nor rare. I just think there's a bigger pull toward rosters as most of the characters were designed carefully with meaningful ties to the stories. Or something.

  • Pitcrew

    The extent of the similarities between Arx and Firan are

    • it uses a roster of some sort
    • it has a lot more code (and more planned) than most mushes
    • some staffers and players in common

  • Pitcrew

    @secretfire Rosters are available as an 'easy way' into the game, with built in families and connections and plot hooks. But there's nothing stopping you from making an OC, and even starting out with an OC. It's just a little bit tougher to get established and you have to be proactive.

  • @secretfire I never played on Firan so I can't help you there. In this case, your character would be entirely up to you but if you left the game or idle out, it would be set to go on the roster afterward instead of being just frozen as other OCs are.

    It's a big game but the advantage of starting off with a new House is we're going to have a small focus to begin with, namely just increasing the worth of the House through RP and the use of the systems in place at this time. That'll be the immediate arc, starting with nothing and building up something grand. If you want to try it, send me a PM, and I can help brainstorm/explain/etc.


    Name: House Tessere
    Rough History: A County that used to be a March until they were naughty approx. five centuries ago and had some territory confiscated as punishment. One does not simply thumb your nose at Tor and get away with it.
    Holding: County Iriscal/Fortezza di Iriscal
    Countess: Sabine Tessere (25yo)
    Younger Bookish Brother: TBD
    Bastard Half-Sister: TBD (serves as lady in waiting)
    Parents: One recently dead, possibly poisoned. The other one is still kicking around in Iriscal growling about revenge and looking after the place while the House's best and brightest go to Arx to improve their fortunes and look into who took out dear Father or Mother.

    There's still room for other family, including younger siblings, cousins, and uncles and aunts who act as advisers. Non-family positions could include titled servants (a commoner with high haggling to act as a broker and Minister of Finance would be keen), crafters (they supply silk, aeterna and umbra so tailors would be foremost, but alchemists and woodworkers are possibilities too), and a knightly type in charge of protection (whee recent murder!) and p. much everything else.

  • I've been looking to try Arx out. This sounds like it may be a good way to do that.

  • @zombiegenesis You'd be welcome! I'm going to be scarce for a couple of days but if we hit four committed players this week, I'll be submitting the pitch to staff this weekend.

  • If you saw someone follow you then unfollow you, that was me. Hello. I have no idea how to do a private message.

    If you don't end up with other takers for a mercantile minister sort, I've got a free slot for an alt and haven't ever gotten around to messing about with those systems, so I'd be glad to help you get your House going.

    I usually miss every event ever for online schedule reasons but who looks for the money guy to be hanging about at those things anyway? Just let me know. Thanks.

  • Pitcrew

    I'll check the Arx wiki out. I'm pretty good with intrigue, political plotters, scheming and the like.

  • Pitcrew

    Really flaky player here, and a bit interested in at least helping you. OCs are fun, and flourish really well on Arx if you have some backup plans. I’m thinking an arms trader/dealer with possibly a Tybaltesque streak. Or something.

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