Warhammer 40K - Rise of Heroes

  • In the Grim Darkness of the future, there is only war...

    Ursa IV, a colony world on the fringe of the Imperium of Man. Built atop the bones of old human settlements that failed long ago and has now been named as an important world that must be held, by the Administratum with no clarification on the matter. A city built on the coast of a great bay stands watchful for the mutant, the alien, and the Heretic. The Imperial Guard stand ready to bring the fight to man's foes, aided by elements of the Adeptus Astartes.

    Human offshoots dwell in the forests of Ursa IV, the forces of Chaos lurk in the dark places, and Ork tribes exist in the mountains and the deserts. Mankind is beset with foes and must endure to maintain control of this world in the name of the Holy Emperor of Mankind.

    Based off the world of Warhammer 40,000, Rise of Heroes is a narrative focused game, with staff and players working to develop, and further, plots by working in cooperative storytelling We are always welcome to new players, with a newly-setup (and still in playtesting) OPTIONAL Combat system, focusing on roleplay and narrative with a good amount of violence to boot.

    Connect at: riseofheroes.custom-gaming.net Port 1906

  • Banned

    What templates do players play? Is it using the traditional 40k rpg system (d100's) or some custom system?

  • @magee101 I apologize for the length of time from your question to this answer - There was some rough issues IRL, step-kids, the wife's ex-inlaws trying to use step kids as weapons. Drama.

    No the game uses a custom system. Not using the D100 system of the FF games

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