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    I took a long hiatus from RPing (a year or so) and an even longer one from nWoD (2 years or so). But! I guess I'm here again.

    San Francisco, Paris of the West MUX: Seven/Santiago, Spring Fairest
    Reno: Murder, Carthian Nosferatu.

    Distant Past:
    DreamscapesMUD: Slazzurus Khalleria
    Firan: Wouldn't you like to know?
    Angelic Layer MOO: Kaije and his Kangaroo, Ryu (Looking for staffer, Nanako.)
    The Inquisition: Legacy: Salazar dul Argyle and Caelix
    Kushiel's Debut: Salazar <insert bunch of names>, Pirate Prince
    Arx: Salazar Argento, Pirate Prince (I really liked pirates for twenty seconds, okay, don't judge. :( )
    Realms Adventurous: Caerwyn Burcombe the Blackhearted (Looking for Eileen, Moira, and other Burcombe family members who are cool beans.).
    Shadows of Isildur: I don't remember.
    Road to Amber: Slazzurus for two seconds.

    LAMUSH: Jayven Kuo, Toreador grifter, Malcolm van Rensselaer MacJames, Esq, Ventrue lawyer, Cheppe, hired thug, Gabriel Li (Looking for head admin Riots - you were my inspiration as a teen - and Ali - RPing with you elevated my writing at 15.) Also looking for all the people I offended, Venice included, I was fifteen and angsty, I'm sorry.
    Haunted Memories: Adrian Grey, Silver Ladder Moros, Jayven Kuo, Zack Zhou
    The Reach: Sgt. Rodrigo Velazquez (looking for pink-haired Chandra, who has lived a life in the real worth living), Malcolm van Rensselaer MacJames, Zero the Acanthus Arrow.
    EldritchMUX: Zero. I think. I forget. Gibbous Moon-woof thingie.
    NYCMUSH: Malcolm van Rensselaer MacJames, Esq. (Peaches?)
    Requiem for Kingsmouth 3.0: Cipher, Lance Daeva and all-around terror

    I'm working on myself as a person at the moment. My maturity is just now catching up to my vocabulary. It's been a long few years.

    There's probably a lot I'm missing. Didn't keep logs much. Also wondering what @SunnyJ is doing at the moment. Hi.

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