Pose Order Machine and Repose Reposer Updated

  • Hi all,
    Per the advice of many, I've restructured these two utilities so they store the data in the correct way. This is all back-end stuff, and no one should really see a difference.

    In technical terms, I used to include secs() and dbref in the attribute name, and continually wiped those attributes. Now, the attribute name is d.pose.1001 or d.repose.10001. Every time poses (After the first time), it'll be readding the same already used attribute names.

    For anyone currently using these utilities that wants to "update", you'll want to just "reinstall" everything, excluding making the objects and the @edit parts that edits the hook object functions.

    I've also added &d.exclude.zones ... List zones in a space-separated list ( #1001 #2872) and it will exclude those zones.

    These are both coded for TinyMUX.

    Repose Reposer is here: https://github.com/skewskewskew/MUSHCode/blob/master/Repose Reposer.txt
    Pose Order Machine is here: https://github.com/skewskewskew/MUSHCode/blob/master/Pose Order Machine.txt

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