Have you ever cosplayed as your/a MU character?

  • Just like the title says.

    Have you ever made a cosplay costume based on a character you played on a MU? I've some inclination to do this, and wondering if others have and any handy hints or tips!

  • @vulgarkitten I made @stabeest win me a unicorn from the arcade. That's basically the obsession level Talen has with them on Arx at this time. Does this count?

  • Pitcrew

    Kinda? I dressed up as my troll metal band guitarist from SR Seattle one year, but being a square and this being the 90s and thus not a time via social media where the mundanes like me had heard of cosplay, I just called it going to a costume party.

    I am a little more familiar with the cosplay scene now that my 16 year old sews and shit and is really into it. What kind of tips are you looking for? If you're looking to be out and about in public and show off your stuff you should be fine at any convention. People seem to not really ask, and you could always say you are doing an OC from <game> or <general genre>. If you are looking to enter a competition then that might be trickier. In my observation outside of competition really people are friendly and supportive even if they dont have a clue as to what you are.

  • Pitcrew

    Cosplay is so mainstream these days you might want to check with your local craft store. Several in my area have open cosplay crafting nights (just like a stitch and bitch) where you can bring what you're working in to the teaching studios and just eat snacks and work on your stuff outside of home. Also even super small conventions (around where I am anyway) have cosplay panels/classes (this is where eldest has picked up most of their skills). I also have seen cosplay get togethers/group crafting nights posted at game stores.

    If you dont already know how to sew, taking some basic classes will help. But I think craft stores are the best resources, especially if they have any kind of open lab for sewing/jewelry making/ect.

  • I play characters so wildly different from me that I couldn't effectively cosplay them if I tried. I did buy a modcloth dress in a color scheme that matched my robot character though.

  • Pitcrew

    I BritLARP (or used to). When I died one event, I'd just picked up the perfect black-and-purple waistcoat, so I came back as a Grayson. I mean, why not? Character's already characterised, just got to buy the right skills, grab the right weapons, put on some of the kit I'd brought as part of the usual monstering/new character outfits, and go. Although being in camp that night in a quasi-medieval setting and swapping tailor's details with an NPC vampire did get slightly surreal.

  • Pitcrew

    Well, when I had to put a suit on for work, I guess I was cosplaying my cop on Fallcoast since he wore a suit a lot. Though I didn't have a badge or gun on me.

  • Does playing a similar-enough-to-almost-be-the-same in LARP count? If so, then yes.

  • Tutorialist

    I LARPed for like four years, so yeah? Does LARPing count?

  • In my small age (could I call 16 years as the small age?) I was sooo interested in cosplaying in MU as well. I tried to cosplay Dark Knight but didn't get the success :(

  • Not the same by a mile, but I aim to collect bizarre tees dedicated to each of the roles I've played on HorrorMU.

    Starting with this one. No clue on the second yet, but this is looking promising for the third.

  • Pitcrew

    Does it count if you just end up descing all your MU characters with outfits that you own/wear RL?
    Or is that more the character cosplaying as me?

  • I wake up and I'm Josie. Does that count?

  • Admin

    @sincerely No. Be Arkandel or why bother, really?

    It's what I do.

  • Pitcrew

    I tried being Arkandel once but realized I couldn't reasonabley make myself old and slow enough

  • I tried for a long time to not be Thenomain, but that turned out poorly.

  • I and my characters often wear round sunglasses and lately are both pretty pasty, but that's about it.

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