Logs, Templates, and DPL [HAAALP]

  • Pitcrew

    Hey, guys.

    Over on the Eldritch wiki we're having a bit of a difficulty in figuring out how to get our logs working right. Right now, everything is working except:

    • GAMEDATE: we can't figure out how to make the gamedate show up on the log lists in the log lists in character pages. It's preferable that they show up chronologically with a secondary consideration being the order they were posted. So if I post three logs, all dated on Jan 12th 1994, they would show up on the list in the order I posted them, and all on Jan 12th 1994. But really, at the moment, we want the GAMEDATE instance to show up at all. I would really like to get this working ASAP, as well as point 2:
    • CATEGORIES: We're having some trouble making any category that isn't the automatic "RP Logs" show up on the log itself when added in the categories section of the template.

    If anyone has experience with this and is willing to help, let me know and I will put you in contact with our wiki person (or handle it myself, if I can). Or put your advice here, if it's simple enough that you think we can integrate it or if the problem is commonplace and easily solved.

    We would appreciate it immensely.


  • Side note that is not directly a solution:

    Mediawiki has some severe problems. It'd be really nice if some mush found and started using something different-and-better. I'd recommend checking the local node.js experts to see if there are any wikis in that arena. This forum is using a node.js bb, iirc, and it seems like a great way to go.

    For those still trapped on mediawiki that "just want it to work like reach" -- I didn't write any of that but iirc Ebla did long, long ago. See:

    for the logs, and http://thereachmux.org/w/index.php?title=Template:RP_Logs&action=edit for on-character-page lists.

    As far as direct help with MediaWiki template scripting-- no. Just no. That shit is more foul than mushcode!

  • I was hoping less for 'just like TR' and more 'something I can actually make sense of that isn't more complex than it has to be'. Help deciphering code instead of C&Ping stuff I don't understand, which is a bad way to go.

    MediaWiki suffers heavily from not documenting a shitload of stuff and really can seem arcane and weird. I'm gonna have to go to Stack Overflow, aren't I?

  • Categories problem solved. Still working on the gamedate thing.

  • Pitcrew

    I don't know if mediawiki and wikidot work much alike, but you're welcome to the code off GoB's wiki to do this.

  • I like how you get around the problem by having people name logs with the date. Seriously, it's a simple and clever solution. And that is what we are doing now!

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