Satori's Playlist

  • Lost touch with a lot of cool people over the years, hope you guys are well!

    Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming: Azreal
    Protoculture MUSH: Satori
    Harry Potter MUSH (Forgot the name, early 2000s, might've been Hogwarts Express) : Salina
    Conflicts of Earth MUSH: Satori Shikoji, Karli Aldren
    Star Wars: Age of Alliance: Tara Longheart (early 2000s)
    Beyond the Fire: Sazuki Elder
    FairyTail MUSH: Satori
    Fallout MUSH: Satori, Ariana
    Bleach: The Beginning MUSH: Satori, Chiyoko, Yachiru(staff)

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