ISO Wikidot Wizard?

  • I and a friend are working on a new project; I can't talk about it in detail now but can in PM if anyone is interested in getting involved.

    A short blurb: You're a ghost in a haunted house, hiding from (or fighting) the Living when they intrude, but otherwise exploring the mysteries of the House and your own rooms that are your strange, personal afterlife that will evolve over time with you.

    I CAN do wikidot well enough but I am not naturally good at web design, and this game has quite a lot of code so I'm pretty busy. But I'll handle all game->wiki (and vice versa) integration, so all I need help with is templates, includes, layout and design elements.

    If anyone is interested in helping, PM me and I'll give you a more in depth run-down on the game and where we're going with it.

    (We're using wikidot, not mediawiki, for some specific technical reasons that can't be changed)

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