Power Rangers/Sentai/Kamen Rider MU

  • Pitcrew

    So I've been reading the Shattered Grid arc in the new MMPR comics and thought that a MU of it, plus Kamen Rider because I can't quit it, would be loads of fun. I just don't know if interest exists for such a thing, though, tbh, I'm probably going to drink too much coffee one night and start writing theme files.

    So, I guess, is there interest? Or am I just a sad little man?

  • @popes

    Some of us tried this back in the early 2000s. The problems were threefold:

    • The cast. We were doing the kitchen sink thing, and were trying to come up with ways to allow multiple Ranger teams to help each other (like stuff like 'all Reds can control all Red mecha).
    • Setting. Planets? Space travel? Many cities on Earth?
    • Interest. Most of the people who were interested in playing PR already had their crazy multi-theme games they were doing it on, and there was some resistance to the attempt.

  • Pitcrew

    @bobotron That's fair. If I do this, I am straight up stealing the setting from Boom!'s comic run, because it's amazing and consistant. (tl;dr Evil!Tommy from the future starts infusing himself with other ranger powers from all the teams to get closer to the Morphing Grid. This changes the teams from being from the future in a timeline to being alternate dimensions that can be interacted with.)

  • @popes

    Right, I'm familiar with how the Shattered Grid setting works. And if you can find a way for incomplete Ranger teams to meaningfully work with each other when MOTDs break out (because let's be honest, I'm going to want to fight in a Megazord as much as someone playing Superman wants to punch Darkseid on a DC game), then more power to you.

  • Tokyo Heroes RPG...

    It addresses this issue nicely. Basically each color is an archetype and can fill the spot on any team at a moments notice. While you might be the Blue Super Ranger you could fill the spot of the Blue Alien ranger using your own Zord, as the Megazord is determined by the majority.

  • Pitcrew

    @seamus this. I like this. They ate also apparently setting up zord combos like that in the comic.

    I don't even know if I'd want a coded system though.

  • @popes it's not really us that heavy system so it would probably meet what you need to p.m. me an email address and I'll send you the PDF for it if you want

  • @seamus So essentially what we were planning, with the 'a color can pilot the zord of another team of the same/stylistically similar color'. And by stylistically similar, I mean a Green Ranger on a team with no Black Ranger could sub into that slot, and vice-versa.

  • Pitcrew

    Life isn't in a spot where I could actually play on one, but I'd app up a bit MOTW character FC/OC and I'd lurk the hell out of a Ranger/Rider game.

    On that note, how do you plan on handling antagonists?

  • Pitcrew

    @thatdamnguy I'm not quite sure. Part of me wants to do a big 'All the bad guys are allied for Reasons' faction and hope that people want to evilly chew scenery because, come on. That's why you're playing a a game like this.I am open to suggestions

  • Pitcrew

    No, no, that sounds great. Let the moon clamor and ring with the thunder of villainous monologues and diatribes.

  • @bobotron Thats cool. The RPG does not go that route. Basically if you have a Black Frog Zord that makes the legs of the Ninja Zord. And the only Black ranger has a Black Wolf Zord, The Wolf Zord would adjust to fit the Frog zords place.

    Zords are personal so sharing them is not part of the equation. It has the perk if the zord has a mega zord ability it transfers to the new megazord as well.

  • Do a mod pack system, where you have a baseline starting theme, and then every so often, you introduce a new set of game elements (FCs, concepts, code, world additions, storylines) with a tinyplot. It worked great for Duo in creating the basic M3 premise.

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