Over the Edge 2nd Edition?

  • So Kickstarter has on it a new OTE RPG. The original had a cult following; how about this new version? Does it still hold a place? Anyone know anything fun and interesting about it?

  • Pitcrew

    Not to nitpick but it should be the 3rd edition. I love the game and have both of the first two editions.
    Nitpick aside I loved the game both setting and mechanics wise it is one of my favorite low mechanic systems. If it gets past the kickstarter stage and into a general release I will definitely be buying it.

  • @thatguythere

    Good point on the nitpick.

    Have you looked into the Kickstarter for any changes or modernizations that someone who might just kickstart it (me or others but mostly me and also others) should note?

  • Pitcrew

    I gave it a look after posting the first time. The setting looks to not have changed much but does have some new wrinkles mentioned.
    Given what they showed of the systems i noticed a few things things, fist the introduction of character level, though it does not look like levels in the D+D sense but more of a scale systems with level one being competent and level six being god like, and that scale determines the positive modifier dude to being skilled in an area. (Skills in the old game were free form which I hope they keep, you would create a character by giving them a core competency (usually a career like thing) and a hand full of other narrowly defined things they were good at and pick one thing they were bad at. No mention of that changing or being retained.)
    It also looks like all things are determined with the roll of two dice with a bonus constant added based on skill, in the past being skilled would give you more dice. For example old way average unskilled person would have two dice to do thing, but if thing was under their core idea like driving for a race car driver they would get 4, new way if looks like two would be rolled for everything but the race car driver would get a set bonus based on level/scale.
    The final change I noticed is a minor one that I love, in the past if you rolled a 1 on a die that meant something negative happened, you could succeed but would still get a drawback, a 6 worked in the opposite manner you might still fail but some good would come out of the attempt. This editions changes that to 3 and 4, so if you role a three there is a drawback and on a 4 a bit of a boost. I like this mainly because the idea of extreme rolls getting a boost penalty is done a lot but I like the middle results getting a little creative love.

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