Looking For Staffers: DC & Marvel

  • Pitcrew

    Hello, everyone!

    Mutant Genesis and Gods and Monsters are looking for staff. We are two separate games housed in the same shell. After a few changes to our themes and policies, like the removal of enforced continuity, opening to non-mutant characters and the founding of the Justice League, we will be advertising again soon!

    We need story movers/storytellers. What are those?

    1. People who will gather some folks out of nowhere and spark social scenes. Maybe they are about nothing in particular, or maybe they are about the weekly plots.

    2. People who write IC bbposts for others to react to. News, team memos, and so on about the current plots.

    3. People who like running scenes.

    If you think you would enjoy these, PM me. There are plenty of popular characters available and a stable group of players.

    Mutant Genesis: mutantgenesismux.com
    Gods and Monsters: godsandmonstersmux.com

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