@hook on mux2.12

  • I almost exclusively code on Rhost, so every so often when I do something on MUX, sometimes I get a little lost.

    I had #1 set hook_obj to an object my codewiz owns, but it doesn't seem to be running. Is this normal? I was surprised #1 was needed to set a @hook in the first place, does it also have to own the hook object itself? (I don't have #1 access and don't want to ask for it to do what I want to code here)

  • Actually this resolved itself though I'm not clear why.

    That said, I can't @hook/before pose -- it says its not a valid command. Any clue?

  • @hook sets it for a session, or something. To have a permanent hook object, you need need to set it in the netmux.conf. This should help:

    https://github.com/skewskewskew/MUSHCode/blob/master/posebreak fix up.txt

    (Obvs you want the stuff in the commented out section, not the attribute to modify posebreak.)

    Edit: Derp. You need hook_obj 14 to read the dbref of the object. So, replace 14 with whatever dbref# your hook_obj is.

  • Actually, my problem was a typo when I relayed what needed to be set to the person with #1 access. I don't have access to the .conf; we're using #1's @startup instead.

    Thanks though

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