Why did you pick your username?

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    We haven't had this in a long time, so...

    Why did you choose your user name?

    For example Arkandel was the name of one of my first AD&D characters, so I started reusing the name after that... and it kind of stuck.

    How about yours?

  • I had a character named Admiral on DW 2.0. Also I'm a fan of Admiral Ackbar. Also I played Slark on Dota 2, so I used the name Fishman there.

    Admiral Ackbar is an Admiral who is a Fish Man. FIsh are nautical. Like navies. Navies are led by Admirals. So I used the name Admiral Fishman. Jim Carrey. 23.

    Layers. My name is deep.

    But truthfully I have no fucking idea where it came from.

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    I tried lurking.

    I'm bad at it.

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    @bad-at-lurking said in Why did you pick your username?:

    I tried lurking.

    I'm bad at it.

    Wait, you LIAR.

    You named the account before you lurked badly!

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    I'm bad at lurking everywhere. And I made the account because of the unbearable silence of lurkiness.

  • A friend wanted to roll up a character to play with me on Everquest, so I made a cleric to play with them and took the name Apostate, figuring they wouldn't get along with the thematic other clergy. Intended to just help show them around as a throw away character and help them through the newbie levels. Wound up being my main that I led guilds with and I played for over a decade, and it's just an old handle I go back to now and then.

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    I ran the vampire sphere at Ashes, and thought the name Sunshine was appropriate. I don't even remember how it transitioned, but there was cross-over between RL and mush friends for a while and 'Sunny' made a transition. Then I had several friends that originated online over the years that ended up palling around with my mother, and they referred to me as Sunny, and so my mother got it, aaaaand...

    Yeah. So, that's the story of how people who do not even know what RP is call me Sunny IRL.

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    "They're fighting over me" has always been an in-joke between my sister and I since forever. I had just fallen down a rabbit hole on Daria episodes thanks to an online article about the series when I discovered this place and I wanted a reason to use this avatar.

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    I wanted a username that was short and to the point and that no one could associate with me easily.

    Now, everyone associates it with me.

    Cruel, cruel fate.

  • A lot of people assume 'Auspice' relates to Werewolf, but it doesn't. I began using it before I was ever a WoD player.

    It's actually my favorite word. I've always been into precognition, premonitions, oracles (my avatar is from an image I composited of the painting of the Oracle of Delphi for a project I did early on in my degree program).

    Originally, an auspice was a divination from observing birds (I chose that one to explain it to the ladies at the OH DMV back when I lived there and got it on my license plate and they were all antsy about WELL WE DON'T RECOGNIZE THIS....).

    Ahem. Anyway. I used to use 'Tadiera' everywhere and about 15 years ago, I began shifting over and this being my favorite word, it's what I settled on. I am Auspice. Or 'All-Spice' as some go with. ;)

  • 12 years or so ago I was looking for a new username as my yahoo account was filled with nothing but spam. I won't say I was heavily into Yu-Gi-Oh but I played it enough and my favorite card was Vampire Genesis. Unfortunately, that UN was already taken on most things so I went with a slight variation, ZombieGenesis.

    It's worked out well for me. The only place I've ever gone where the UN wasn't available to me was the freaking XBox. That's the one place I haven't been able to claim the username.

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    alt text

  • @zombiegenesis said in Why did you pick your username?:

    It's worked out well for me. The only place I've ever gone where the UN wasn't available to me was the freaking XBox.

    A lot of online games (like MMOs) won't let me use Auspice. The common theory is the 'spice' part of the name must trip some drug filter.

    But it's all good. I often use 'YoursTruly' in MMO gaming anyway and it's rarely taken (and if any of you bastards start using it I will cut a bitch).

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    I have a unique 'black' name. My best friend (white) introduced me to her bf (white) a while ago. We were smokin weed (teen years) and he couldn't remember my name sayin 'tah-tah..taj....Shincashay'. No where close to my real name. Hilarious so kept it. No clue how the hell he came up with Shincashay. (Sheen-kah-shae)

  • Because it’s impossible to get me to shut up.

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    I wanted something unrelated to Puffin so I chose one of my "good" character names from EQ2. Of course, now everyone knows I'm also Puffin and associates the two, but THAT DOESN'T MATTER NOW DOES IT.

    <sobs over in the corner with @Coin >

  • Pitcrew

    I have been Pyrephox since AOL days - largely thanks to the fact that it was very hard to find an AOL username that wasn't a string of random numbers. It's adapted from a very minor character named Phyrephox in Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age - the character shows up for a couple of pages, gets tortured, and dies.

    But when I was 14, I totally thought the name was cooool. Since then, it's mostly been that it's fairly unique, so there aren't 5 million other people running around with it, and I can almost always use it as a username on games, etc.

  • Pitcrew

    The hedgehog is small and prickly and spiky with a delicate underbelly and is easily frightened and disturbed. Like me.

    Also the pixie drawings were my favorite in the Froud/Lee Faeries book.


  • Went to WORA, not sure if it would be worth it. I was also mostly active on TF MU*s at the time, so I chose a Transformers name.

    So I chose a generic name. Bob-o-tron.

  • Twenty odd years ago I wanted a nickname on the internet that was unique, I brainstormed, and put together some sounds, and voila. ixokai

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