Mobile devices and MU*

  • Admin

    Lately I've started to use my tablet while I watch TV to keep track if anything interesting is happening on MU*.

    So! What are you guys using to connect from your mobile devices? Anything not particularly annoying, possibly with some nifty features such as highlighting strings, a nice interface for multiple tabs, etc?

    Also, any non-annoying keyboards you've found? For instance the Go! Keyboard I've installed is nice for many things but utterly frustrating for MU* since some of the very common characters (such as =) are hidden several keystrokes away.

    Care to share your experiences?

  • I have Mukluk on my tablet. I don't use it often, but that's cuz I don't login unless I'm there to play, these days, and that means a desktop.


  • Pitcrew

    I use MUDRammer on my iPhone. It's the best I could find and I like it. It works in a pinch if my laptop or a borrowed tablet aren't available.

    The borrowed Android tablet uses Mukluk. Seconding that one.

  • Admin

    Unless the interface can be much cleaner than I've seen, actually roleplaying seems impossible on even a decent tablet. The screen scrolls, there's no way to spawn channels or pages in a separate tab, and touch-typing is a pain in the ass.

    I hope someone here can prove me wrong. :)

  • Pitcrew

    I have never tablet-played, but I use MukLuk on my phone, generally from work or just to check in when not at my desktop. I have RPed that way, but it is not the easiest. I mostly chat with my co-staffers and players.

  • Pitcrew

    I use MuClient, love it. On my phone, and I do successfully RP on it provided everybody involved is OK with slow. It's not too unwieldy and you can set up a bunch of shortcuts to enter things in quick (like page longnameomgkeypadtypingthisissuchanothappening=). I'd check it out.

  • I can't MU on anything mobile. Even my iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard. My Air is the only acceptable portable device. I just can't do it. I don't know why. Can't. Makes me crazy.

  • Pitcrew

    I can't MU from my phone. I've logged on a few times, like this one time I was drunk on New Year's waiting for the bus and I basically logged on just to bitch about the bus not coming around... but other than that, no.

  • At a certain point, especially with phones (I'm not a tablet-user, so idk), you're running up against the limitations of the device more than the limitations of any client. I just don't enjoy playing on my phone and my laptop is generally just as convenient when I'm actually in a headspace where I can scene.

  • Mudrammer for iOS, yes.

  • Tutorialist

    ConnectBot to SSH into my TinyFugue. blows raspberries

  • Pitcrew

    Can't hang with MU*ing on mobile devices, at least not yet. For the same reasons mentioned above. I tried MUDRammer on my iPad, and even with a bluetooth keyboard (which does help, but not enough) it was just too limited for my liking.

  • @Bargle
    I agree. I tried to MU* from my iPad while I was at the hospital with a family member, and I just couldn't really do it, even with an external keyboard.

  • I tried all available apps for Android. Not worth it. Besides, I usually logged in for the novelty. (Oh wow! MU*ing all mobile and stuff!)

    I usually chatted in channels since I only use mobile when I'm out and about. Don't have the mental focus to actually go IC when I'm not home or somewhere less, 'outsidey'.

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