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    For over half a year, the Warrens within the city of Denver have been under siege. Backing a secret executive level decision, Knight Errant and Lone Star - who have been extremely aggressive in their arrests and patrols for some time - suddenly dump all the people they've arrested in the Warrens. Some say it is for PR, others say it was to lower crime statistics in the nearby areas, the pragmatic suggest it was to help them renew their security contracts that are up for renewal in the area.

    The corporations who dominate and control Denver in all but name remain wary after the city's credit rating degraded at the start of the year, making the official position of Denver as the neutral ground between the four nations that now dominate the former USA more preparious than ever before. The maneuvering continues, with the Warrens now having a new influx of victims while resources dwindle further and further.

    This tortured city has been through turf wars and worse, but it isn't some far off place. No, this city is your home. Will you help it, profit in the chaos, or be another dead chummer?

    ......Now the two security companies seem poised to go at each other's throats in the boardroom and beyond.

    Denver Shadowrun MU* is a multi-player environment set in Denver in 2076. This fractured city gives ample opportunity for shadowrunners to delve into a myriad of possible story lines, from political intrigue to mob wars to deals with dragons. The game also branches out into North America and the world, with narrative storytelling and player interaction.
    Port: 1999

    Message me if you'd like to hop into the plot, or just pop onto the game, it's a little light in the summer here so plenty of room. I'll be running things on Sundays.

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  • Pitcrew

    Going to run two short plots tonight as well, at 9PM EST.

  • Pitcrew

    Sounds fun, been a minute since I played but I'll bite.

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