Android Apps: Your top picks? And perhaps some help?

  • So my iPhone 6 is old, and has started to glitch (issues with charging, issues with the touch screen sensitivity, and some other things). I'm looking at possibly switching to Android because I picked up a super cute, cheap Wear OS watch (Fossil Q Wander Gen 2) that works alright with the iPhone. But, to get the most features out of the watch (and perhaps see what else is out there), I'm thinking of switching to Android.

    I bought a cheap Android phone (ZTE Blade Spark) with Android 7.1.1 to play around with (I can return it if needed, or I can hang onto it and resell or use for like, a second PoGo account). I'm liking it so far. Customization is really nice and everything I'm doing on my iPhone I can so far do on here. It's running at roughly the same speed as my iPhone as well.

    Anyone have any apps on Android they can't live without?

    Also, I'm trying to sync over my music. I used doubeTwist to sync my music and playlists from iTunes. Everything went swimmingly except the playlists are backwards (stuff at the top in iTunes is at the bottom in the Music app). I show they export from iTunes correctly so it's got to be a sync error, but it doesn't fix once I manually move the m3u files. Anyone have any input?

  • Pitcrew

    @bobotron Waze, but that's because I live on the East Coast in an area with old enough and busy enough roads that a 16 mile commute can take up to an hour if I'm not careful.

    I also have LastPass, Discord, and TinyScanner all on my phone, which I find useful in a way that's probably universal to most MSBers. The rest is stuff that'll depend on where and how you spend your time at what your personal needs are. Be a bit more specific there and I can make suggestions.

  • I use Google Keep for quick notes and stuff. Steam app. Otherwise my mainly used apps are ones for local companies like my bank, bus routes etc.

    For phone games my two main ones are Homescapes and Seedship, but pixel dungeon is also fun.

  • If you like customizing your phone's behavior, Tasker is a must have.

  • Admin

    Nova Launcher too, for a couple of bucks you can get a pretty cool looking UI for your phone.

    Edit: PocketCasts for sure, if you're into podcasts.

  • Tutorialist

    Spotify. I would die without spotify at this point. I am addicted.

  • @sparks said in Android Apps: Your top picks? And perhaps some help?:

    If you like customizing your phone's behavior, Tasker is a must have.

    If iOS allowed this, I would be a raving Apple fanboy.


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