Looking for a MU or Two

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    I am looking for game or two to sink my teeth into. But I'm too picky for my own good. (And yes, I know this is self-inflicted damage.)

    I am looking for a MU or two that is moderately active (and not just having an online roster padded by idle staff alts to make it look populated) and is NOT* any of the following things:

    Anime-based (including multi-themed games where anime/manga tropes happen)
    Lords and Ladies
    World of Darkness (in any flavor)
    Superheros (powers are fine, I'm just not interested in capes and tights right now)

    Does anybody know of good games not in the above categories out there?

    *And this is not me saying any of the above is bad. I'm just not into them at the moment.

  • Pitcrew

    Tenebrae (I'm probably not spelling that right) is probably your best bet. It is a D&D game, NOT Lords & Ladies (at all) with active storytelling/DMing pretty much constantly. If you're interested in a close-to-tabletop feel, they're a great game. The folks that run it are very solid on the type of game they want to run, and execute it beautifully.

    ETA: I don't play here. I have in the past, and this is based on my experience with it.

  • Pitcrew

    Tenebrae would be my answer as well.
    My review basically concurs with Sunny's easy to find plots and be active, my biggest knock of it would be the lack of social RP not a lot of it going on that I noticed and since unlike a table top there were different people on each adventure, it all felt very disconnected to me so I drifted off. No actual complaints though.

  • Need more details on what qualifies as anime and what doesn't.

  • @jennkryst said in Looking for a MU or Two:

    Need more details on what qualifies as anime and what doesn't.

    Ditto-- Match of the Millennium MUCK(http://motm.kicks-ass.net/) is going strong(and in the very beginning stages of a months long plot, even). Given that it's based in great part on Japanese fighting games, however, I don't know if it passes the 'not-Anime' test for your personal tastes or not.

    Either way, though, have a plug, just in case!

  • Pitcrew

    @jennkryst If it's based on an anime or manga or seeks to replicate anime or manga tropes, it isn't for me.

  • Pitcrew

    I would not consider it to be anime based because like you said it is based on fighting video games, however if someone said they wanted to avoid anime i would not recommend it to them because fighting games and some anime styles do share a lot of notes.

  • @bad-at-lurking I mean more which tropes are you trying to dodge? I ask without trying to be difficult, but to maybe help!

    Exalted could count as anime due to Dragonball or Avatar influences just as easily as you could say it is based on Beowulf, Gilgamesh, Greek Myths, or even the Bible. Can also be Lords and Lady-ish, and possibly Super Hero-y (no tights or capes, but so many do-gooders, it hurts).

    Moving on, Battletech could count as anime due to Big Robots (and legal battles because of Macross). It has a Lords and Ladies aspect in certain ways, so ymmv.

    Shadowrun could count as anime because Ghost in the Shell, Bubblegum Crisis, or other works in the cyberpunk genre. Could be Super Hero-y, for variable definition of Super Hero.

    Star Wars os not Anime, but is full of tropes, Lords and Ladies, and quasi-super heroes.

  • Pitcrew

    It isn't that complex for me. If the characters look, act and react like characters from anime, I'm not interested. Wiki write ups with anime style art, anything referencing Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball, Sword Art Online or the rest of it. Twelve year old girls in fetish gear who are tactical geniuses, inappropriate yelling, harem 'comedy', tentacle porn and the rest of it. I loathe it all.

  • Pitcrew


    It might not be complex for you, but the people asking the questions are asking because they want to help you. 'I know it when I see it' doesn't help any of the people trying to narrow down a response to your question. There's really no need to get rude when people are legitimately trying to help you.

  • MotM might not work, then. It's a fantastic game with amazing code and a great combat system - but it is, at the end of day, Chun-Li multi-kicking and Morrigan from Dark Stalkers and the like.

  • Pitcrew

    @sunny I understand what you are saying, and I am not trying to be rude, but 'what is anime anyway' is a question that seems a bit silly on the face of it.

  • Pitcrew


    Sure. But that's not what they're asking. They're asking what anime means in this context, which is a very different question. No mush is animated with cartoon characters in the Japanese style: we're playing in text. If you go with the literal definition of what you're talking about...

    So, that leaves us with: okay, no games based on an anime series? No games with anime influences? No games that allow many genres of characters all mashed in together, because someone might play an anime PC?

    It's not a silly question. These are VERY RELEVANT if you want to get an answer that will be useful to you. There are games that fit all of those criteria out there, and if you mean all of them (nothing that could even remotely include something vaguely anime like), then people are asking to KNOW that. Otherwise they. can't. help. you.

  • Pitcrew

    @sunny I had no idea that we needed quite that level of specificity. Thank you for pointing it out.

    In answer, I would like to state that my antipathy for anime/manga is so intense that I find myself loathing anything tainted by it. Marvel Mangaverse? Drips on my nerves like acid. Magical girls? Kill them with fire. Big eyed, pink haired teenagers with Japanese names? If I see them in the Who list, it's time to go.

    While there are many things about Japanese media I adore, (they do great gangster movies! And Samurai dramas are surprisingly good. And their movies about people with vocational passion are almost always amazing), anything hinting of anime or manga makes me want to nuke the site from orbit, just to contain the contagion.

  • @bad-at-lurking So you are specifically against weeaboos and otaku characters. Which helps answer things a bit.

    ... but leaves you with slim pickings. I can't think of anywhere that lacks the sort of player who makes those characters. Even ignoring the occasional wiki-pic that someone just uses Anime or Anime-ish artwork, there are folks who go out of their way to put the trope into a game they normally wouldn't work in. (Doing this sort of thing is my favorite game. Making a character from X setting in Y game, but still somehow functions close to the way they do in X).

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