Requesting a Dummies Guide to MU Creation

  • My request is pretty simple. I want to mess around with MU Creation so I can get my feet a little wet in that department. I cannot find a step-by-step tutorial on how to download and install the files that speaks in simple English. >.> By that I mean, I'm not super trained with computers and I need a someone to walk me through it.

    Creation of a youtube video on a Windows computer would be super handy if anyone is up for the task. If not I'd love additional assistance in other formats as well.

  • Did you look in this category on the forum? - there's this guide towards the top:

  • Be sure to skim the whole thread, though; the process changed between when it was originally posted and now in some important ways.

    I promise it isn't impossibly hard. I had never touched anything like it before, and I was able to follow that without going completely bonkers. It's definitely worth a read and is probably the most valuable thread on the whole forum.

  • That thread should probably be updated so the instructions with the updates and changes are all in one post :p

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    I doubt anyone would mind if you compiled it for them and made a new thread as long as it was linked.

  • At the end of my post on what to do when your mush is attacked is several dozen links on how to code, create, and start a mush based on the flavor you want to use. Including MUSH (Penn, Rhost, TM3, MUX2), AresMUSH, and Evennia.

  • Did anyone keep up with the docker project for mush/mu*? That seems like the smartest path forward since you have a docker "container" that is set to go. That should be something like: stand up droplet (vm) -> Get docker set up -> launch docker mu* container -> ruin gamer's lives... I mean stand up game.

  • I just recently went through the Zero to Mux thread, using Thenomain's additional instructions. Lots of frowning at my screen and sighing. I spammed my thoughts/notes at it, but I don't think I have the stray sanity to recompile the entire guide.

    Also, it seems like Digital Ocean and/or Ubuntu and/or whoever else seems to change things every few months, so new stuff pops up.

  • Thank you all. I will take a look at all that. :)

  • @sunny said in Requesting a Dummies Guide to MU Creation:


    I doubt anyone would mind if you compiled it for them and made a new thread as long as it was linked.

    I would be very pleased by that! I am so very lost and confused trying to follow through comments and tutorials.

  • Tutorials and comments aside, there will still be some more questions along the process beyond what a tutorial may cover. There are a few social Mu's out there that can potentially help, depending on which code base you settle on. Let us know and we may be able to point you to further resources beyond what a tutorial may provide.

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    Also keep in mind no tutorial can possibly cover every eventuality - while dealing with different platforms and Linux distributions, not to mention hosting companies' interfaces and internal procedures a great lot of things can go differently than the original write-up. We're not even talking about errors per se, just... stuff where you need someone with a minimal understanding of Linux (or, in some cases, the specific MU* codebase you are setting up) to remove small roadblocks.

    But that's why having a community comes in handy. If you have a specific problem, ask.

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