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  • Okay! I was just glancing at some of the topics here I have not been following and noticed the discussion about the dark flag. My question is how do you disable it? I tried figuring it out but couldn't. Or is it better just to spin the soft code to show staff, dark or not?

    My co-staffers and I agree that the dark flag is not something we want.

  • Rhost:
    In your .conf file:

    • idle_wiz_dark no (just confirm, 'no' is default in Rhost)
    • idle_wiz_cloak no (just confirm, 'no' is default in Rhost)
    • player_dark 0 (this disables puppets and listening objects from being dark, too)
    • allow_whodark 0 (this requires player_dark 0 and who_unfindable 0)

    Also, from in-game: @depower/off dark (this disables the flag entirely)


    Now, in Rhost, you /can/ @power objects, if the game is configured that way (wizhelp power_objects). Thus, you can then selectively depower things that way, as well.

    Penn: (Advice from Penn devs)
    Log into God and do:

    • @flag/restrict dark=GOD
    • @flag/type dark=room thing exit

    Note that the above code would still allow dark puppet objects. To restrict those as well, leave 'thing' out of the list. God would still be able to set objects dark, but not others. Alternatively, allow for dark on objects and just recode your Room Parent/Ancestors conformats to now honor dark objects. Or players.

    Mux: (working on this)

    • idle_wiz_dark no


    From MUX's wizhelp flag_access:

    There are some flags whose access/visibility permissions cannot be changed, since they are handled in a special way. This includes the DARK, and AUDIBLE flags.

    To note, sweep_dark indicates whether players are allowed to @sweep dark rooms that they do not control. Note that it doesn't show dark THINGS, just allows sweeping.

    @icanbeyourmuse , if you want to PM me connect info, I'll connect and we'll figure out if it is possible (assuming you have MUX?).

  • @Rook If you need a place to test it on you can come on my place. I will have much sadness if you break/hack my things but otherwise I tend to lean towards trusting people while being prepared for the worst.

  • @icanbeyourmuse - I haven't heard from you, so am guessing that you got this taken care of? If not, PM me.

  • I haven't sorted it out! I just thought you were fiddling so I was letting it be. Oh and I missed the rest of the comments. haha.

  • @icanbeyourmuse Well, I kept editing the original post, trying to keep it like reference material for later readers.

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