Shadows of Paradise: help wanted!

  • Pitcrew

    ‘Shadows of Paradise’ is a NWoD 2.0 MUSH currently under development. Set on the paradise island of Ibiza, our aim is to offer a new kind of WoD experience.

    Focussing heavily on quality over quantity, we aim to maintain a high ratio of players to storytellers and provide a plot-heavy environment, where every character can receive individual attention from storytelling staff.

    We are currently planning to offer:

    • Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition
    • Demon: The Descent
    • Beast: The Primordial
    • Mortal/Mortal+
    • Associated Minor Templates

    We made a strong start, but unfortunately have hit a roadblock relatively early, with our coder being swallowed by RL and disappearing.

    We're still really excited about what Shadows of Paradise has the potential to become, and would love to find a similarly enthusiastic coder to help us bring the project to life. If you're familiar with MU code and think you might be able to help - we would surely love to hear from you!

    Please send me a message if you would like to find out more, or if you think you might be willing to help us out.

  • Pitcrew

    I am flabbergasted as to why you would have Beast and Demon but not Werewolf, when Werewolf is way better at combining with other splats than, say, Demon. Also, beach party werewolves are the shit.

  • @coin Different strokes.

    That said, I'm not playing on any game that has Demon: The Descent but I wish this project all the best. It looks like a much more interesting concept than 'Game number 429232 based in small town Maine'.

  • Not big on Demon or Beast myself, but always wanting more options and games out there for people who do like those splats.

    Hope you find what you're looking for.

  • Pitcrew

    hey you know what, I don't WoD but I think it's great to see a game including some of the spheres other than the apparent werewolf, changeling, and vamp standard. Kudos!

  • I am a bit confused. What is Beast, exactly? I am going out on a limb and assume they're not shifters, but other than that? I am pretty clueless as to what that splat's about.

  • Pitcrew

    @apu As I understand, you're playing a human with the soul of a monster; as in Dragon, Kraken, Griffon, and so on. You have a Hunger to fulfill, like a Dragon hoarding riches. So, it's sort of psychic or mystical vampirism, I guess?

  • @apu

    A Storytelling Game of Endless Appetite.

    Beast: the Primordial is the tenth game line in the New World of Darkness, and the first to be released since it changed its name to Chronicles of Darkness. You play a Beast, sometimes also known as the Children or Begotten. An embodiment of humanity's primal nightmares, your soul has been replaced by a primordial nightmare monster known as a Horror possessed of a deep-seated hunger. However, your hunger needn't manifest as direct hunger - it can be something like hoarding, or making someone understand they're prey. You must manage your hunger with care, choosing whether to satiate yourself and become more focused, or go hungry and become more dangerous. However, if you don't fulfill your hunger, your Horror will rampage through the collective dreamscape, disrupting people's lives and inducing intense nightmares, which will cause Heroes to awaken, hunt you down, and try to kill you.

    One of the most notable features in this game is how Crossover-friendly it is: all previous entries in the New World of Darkness were built with the possibility of being compatible, but Beast is the first explicitly designed to encourage it, giving the Begotten an entire set of powers known as "kinship" specifically designed to make them interact with other supernatural templates and dedicating an entire section of the book to explaining how they would interact with the protagonists of the other gamelines: the Begotten believe all supernatural beings (except Demons) are related to them, and as such treat them as kin.

  • Tutorialist

    @thatonedude's Otherkin the game, omg.

  • Pitcrew

    Huh, the Beast sounds new and interesting. I think I'll check it out!

  • Pitcrew

    @thatonedude said in Shadows of Paradise: help wanted!:

    the Begotten believe all supernatural beings (except Demons) are related to them, and as such treat them as kin.

    Awww, poor demons :(

  • @dnvnquinn

    Beast suffers from some dissonance though; the original pitch was that they were actively inflicting their horrors on humanity as a sort of pseudo-punishment and to 'teach lessons', and that this infliction eventually created their antagonists, Heroes. This was rolled back in the Beast core, but then it came back in the first Beast supplement, along with a lot of questionable Beast characters and the abuse that they give. It's one of those things that really has to be handled with a mature player because of what goes into it, IMO. It's why I have given it a read and then returned the book to my friend and told her 'Eh, not for me'.

  • Admin

    @bobotron said in Shadows of Paradise: help wanted!:

    Beast suffers from some dissonance though; the original pitch was that they were actively inflicting their horrors on humanity as a sort of pseudo-punishment and to 'teach lessons'

    That's kind of the Lancea Sanctum, minus the Christian bits.

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  • Pitcrew

    I thought Ibiza was just the place that British people go to be excessively British ... but with tans.

  • Pitcrew

    Look, it has a population of 130k ish, that could support 20 supernatural maneaters for a couple years!

  • Pitcrew


    That is something we thought about actually.

    As a group we were really keen to do something non-North American and Ibiza has a really interesting history that stretches back the best part of 4000 years, meaning there are loads of interesting bits of history and backstory that can be included, as well as some cool themes we think we could explore.

    Historically, you have periods of Phoenician and Carthaginian settlement, Roman and then Moorish occupation, pirate incursions and then in more modern times the influx of tourism and the rise of club culture that is prevalent today. So there is an interesting mixture of cultural and historical elements.

    It's also a really beautiful location - most of the island is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. We did think about including werewolves, but we ran into the fact that none of us are really that 'into' them as a concept and that the landscape and wildlife of Ibiza don't really lend themselves to large, wild predators. It is something we might revisit in the future though.

    Although the permanent population of the island is small, approximately 3.2 million tourists visited in 2017 and it was our feeling that having such a high transient population, especially with a very rapid turnover as most of them are staying no longer than 1-2 weeks, would probably be able to feasibly support a small supernatural community.

    I hope this helped to answer some of that!

  • Pitcrew

    @pacha WoD isn't really my thing, but I really like the thought that went into the location. Especially the idea that a massive tourist town/city/island would make a great place to disappear semi-random people.

  • I'm waiting for WoD: Australia. Where you fear Drop Bears more than Vampires. :p

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