New release of old mud just for fun

  • Banned

    This is the original DikuMud updated for newer systems. The functionality is the
    same and maybe even the bugs. Hopefully I didn't introduce any new ones.

    This release was compiled and tested on the following platforms:

    • Windows 10
      Embarcadero C++ 7.30 for Win32
      Microsoft Visual C/C++ v19.13.26131.1 for x86 (Visual C++ 2017 Community)
      CYGWIN_NT-10.0 2.10.0 using gcc 7.3.0

    • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
      gcc version 5.4.0

    • Linux Mint 18.3
      gcc version 5.4.0

    • OpenSuse 42.3
      gcc version 4.8.5

    For those of those who just want to play it, I've included a stand alone Windows executable.
    After unzipping it, just find and click on the diku.exe file to run it.
    You will have to allow it through the Windows firewall, and you may get a security warning
    message from Windows Defender depending on your settings.
    Then run your favorite mud client and connect to 'localhost port 4000'.
    The first player created will become the level 24 game Wizard.
    Players after that will be a playable normal character.


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