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    @surreality said:

    @Sundown said:

    Most of us, if we apped in as ourselves, would be weird and outlandish concepts.

    Agreed. The number of crafts specs alone I would need would break the sheet. Meanwhile, I'd be hard-pressed to find four whole skill dots to assign in physicals.

    (Placed in mildly constructive because lets not start calling each other names.)

    So what kind of stats would you have as a nWoD character? (I'm not looking for a full sheet, just like a base of skills / specialties, for funniness.)

    Me? Lets see....

    Crafts.I Found The Recipe On The Internet
    Crafts.I Can Try To Sew That
    Crafts.Random Face Sketch
    Academics.I LIKE MATH
    Expression.Angsty Poetry
    Athletics."Champion" Walker
    Athletics.Carrying Way Too Many Bolts Of Fabric

  • -> DEAD <-

  • Pitcrew

    Socialize: Angsting Library Patrons
    Socialize: Police Officers
    Socialize: Family Drama Situations
    Socialize: Elementary School Functions
    Socialize: Small Town Gossips
    Academics: Social Work
    Academics: Library Science
    Academics: Gaming
    Academics: Child Development
    Expression: Pure Romance Consultant
    Athletics: Keeping up with children
    Athletics: I refuse to make more than one trip from the car to the house and I can carry this all at once.
    Crafts: Pinewood Derby Cars
    Crafts: Cross Stitch
    Computer: Google-Foo

    I think I'll stop there, cause I could go on for a while with this. ;)

  • If I made myself as an nWoD character I'd probably give myself super high social and intelligence stats that I don't really qualify for and if you tried to tell me otherwise I'd just ragequit.

    But I think most of us think of ourselves as Intelligence 5, Wits 5, Resolve 5, Manipulation 5, etcetera.

  • Academics: <Insert A Few Spesific Eras/Location> History
    Crafts: Sewing
    Crafts: Metalwork
    Occult: Pop Occult Facts
    Intimidation: Resting Bitch Face
    Weaponry: Swords
    Survival: Orientation
    Survival: Campsites

    I don't know, is what I could think of.

  • @Admiral I don't. I know I' m not a genius, that I don't have endless resolve, that I'm pretty horrible at manipulation and lying (which is why I try to avoid it). I'm fairy sure I don't have a single 5 anywhere on my imaginary nWod sheet. Shit. I would be lying if I said I had any 4s. A few 3s with lots of 2s and 1s. Though I would probably have more skill points in total than a starting nwod character. But that's OK, I've got life experience to justify it with.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm sort of with @lordbelh there. I'm pretty sure that my attributes if statted would all fall in the "2" range, maybe I could pull off a 3 or 4 in Wits because I'm a smart ass with more than my fair share of common sense. But I've had a very broad range of experiences/skills that would likely make creating stats by a Character Gen system pretty hard to pull off with accuracy.

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    @Olsson said:

    Intimidation: Resting Bitch Face

    You are my favorite.

    @Admiral said:

    But I think most of us think of ourselves as Intelligence 5, Wits 5, Resolve 5, Manipulation 5, etcetera.

    Nah. I wouldn't think that. I'm not sure what I'd put my attributes at but not that high. Definitely not in the physicals.

  • Definitely on the spec list:

    Academics.Art History (no school ever took transfer credits in this... )
    Academics.Costume History
    Crafts.Fashion Design
    Crafts.Italian Granny Cooking
    Crafts.Home Repair
    Occult.New Age Bullshit
    Occult.I Have Apparently Seen Every Paranormal Show Ever Why Does This Take Up Space in My Head?
    Drive.Nuns to Swear
    Drive.Road Trip
    Animal Ken.Cat Herding
    Empathy.I Call Bullshit
    Empathy.Patterns of Behavior
    Expression.Voice Acting
    Intimidation.Bitchslap of Reality

    ...that'd be about right. :|

  • Just to go on a sidetrack, I always have difficulty seperating the Occult and Academics skill in World of Darkness, beyond 'real' supernatural information.

    Especially with stuff like religion and mythology, like is knowing about Lilith Occult or Academics? Or knowing Medusa was a serpen associated female creature that turned people into stone by looking at them.

  • Pitcrew

    @Olsson Yeah, it is confusing. Personally I'd say high Occult RL people would be: a priest who has done exorcisms, a practitioner of reiki or some other sort of healing, a practitioner of satanism who does the actual rituals, a yogi who lives as a tantrika and eats meat from the burial pires, a practitioner of astral projection or even lucid dreaming, a wiccan who does rituals. So everyone who has hands-on experience, whether you buy into that stuff or not. If you've tried doing it and worked on it for years, then you get occult points in them. Not just for knowing a lot about it, even though that factors in, too. In WoD it seems that knowledge is more of a factor for the stat, or perhaps exposure to the supernatural.

    I also agree that my attributes wouldn't be that high. My life experiences and skills would be all over the place though, and they'd be very eyeroll-worthy in a MU character.

    Edit: Uhh, I slightly misaddressed the point here. I think I'd put it like this: if you've seen the Medusa, then it's Occult knowledge. If you've read about it from reputable sources, it's Academics?

  • @ThatOneDude Yeah, I'd have so many flaws I'd end up with eye lasers out the gate.

  • Mine isn't that great, mostly because the flaws cancel some most of my stuff out.

    Flaw.So clumsy I fall UP stairs
    Flaw.You totally fucked me over three times already but sure, I'll give you a second chance
    Flaw.Addiction (Sephora)
    Flaw.Addiction (Michael Kors)
    Flaw.White. No, really really white. Totes that white girl. So painfully white. White girl wave at people in the ghetto while listening to loud hip hop and say HIIIIII! level of white. I'm so sorry.
    Flaw.Allergies (To all the things I love :( )
    Flaw.Actually enjoy Whole Foods
    Flaw.I can't even

    Academics.Accounting (Management)
    Firearms.Yes I'm a girl and I can shoot this .50 pistol so fuck off
    Athletics.Horseback riding
    Athletics.Stronger than I look
    Expression.Belly dance (Completely negated by Flaw.Never in front of anyone)
    Socialize.High end sales people
    Socialize.Not totally a basic bitch

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