Elua's Precept: Still Around?

  • I'm assuming perhaps the answer is no but is this game still around?

    I attempted to connect but there was no answer from the game server and the wiki's last logged edit was going on 4 months ago, which further suggests that its come and gone. Anyone know the current status?

  • Pitcrew

    It is not. The rest of staff got busy with life and it's no fun to run a game alone. But if you still want the theme, some folks make Marsilikos. You can find that somewhere on here actually.

  • Pitcrew

    We are actually signing in and processing +jobs almost every day. The game is in a slow place, but there is still work being done. If you are interested in the theme, yeah, there is another game out there. Otherwise, once a lot of the rules systems get finalized, we'll be moving out of Beta and getting back into the swing of plot content.

  • Creator

    As I am logged in right now looking at the +jobs queue, I can confirm that there is a daily staff presence on this game and plans for staff to move game-plot forward once we're out of Beta. There is no hold on CG, nor is there anything stopping current players from going out and enjoying RP themselves. Staff simply had to make a choice between continuing to be the driving force behind all RP ever or take the time to actually finish getting the systems built while also juggling RL constraints.

    Like was mentioned above, the other game exists if you want something smaller finished Right Now, but we are also not dead, just napping.

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