San Francisco: Paris of the West

  • A gleaming edifice of technology, tolerance, and trends. This city is on the forefront of humanity, and the march of progress has become a sprint. Be on the front lines here in the City by the Bay.

    At least, that's what they want you to think. The streets are clean, mostly, but please pay no attention to the junkie hiding at the mouth of the alley, drool rolling down his chin as he blissfully stares off into nothing. Jobs are plentiful, but please pay no attention to the child quietly sobbing while standing in the long lines at the food banks. Opportunities are equal, but please pay no attention to the whitewashed executive boardrooms.

    The San Francisco of 2025 is different. A tech bubble that rivals Silicon Valley in the 1990's has swept through the city, bringing with it prosperity for those with the right skills. It has also brought income disparity the likes of which the city hasn't seen since the gold rush of the late 1940's. Political activism is on the rise as the have-nots push to become the haves, and, just like in any sort of conflict, factions are already forming.

    Which side will you be on?

    San Francisco: Paris of the West is a nWoD 1e MUX set in near-future (2025) San Francisco. Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, Geist, and Mortal/Mortal+ characters will be available for play. Coming soon to a telnet client near you!

    Development Schedule:
    Alpha: COMPLETE - Wiki: - MUX:
    Beta/Soft Open: 1 June
    Release/Open: 9 June

    Check back to this thread for updates!

  • Is this really 1e or is it one of those monstrosities of 1e + GMC merits?

  • Do you plan to have any type of 'metaplot' for each of the individual venues or is this going to be a sandbox entry?

  • @bobotron There is one over-arching metaplot, as well as sphere-based (but not sphere-specific) plots run by each sphere TeamLead.

  • @ixokai The God Machine Chronicle Rules Update is not in use on Paris of the West. :)

  • I'm excited! Will the alpha include a wiki? How would you feel about people transferring characters from other games?

  • @kay The Alpha will most definitely include a Wiki. Direct Character transfers will not be allowed, however, we have a Tiered PC system so that characters can start with lump-sum XP. Essentially, you'll need to go through our approvals process, but we'll be working with you to make sure that your characters are still your own.

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  • @darc Yay wiki! No worries re: xp, I'm not at all concerned about my xp matching up, I would be happy to start from scratch in that sense! I just want to continue my character's story and I know some games don't allow you to play characters you've also played elseMU*. I was playing her on Darkwater (much love to @Cobaltasaurus !) which unfortunately had to close a little while ago. If you're ok with that there might be a small group of us coming in, and we're all pretty active to very active players, and also happy to run plots etc, so not a clique. =)

  • @kay I don't see why that would be a problem at all! In fact, our setting prefers characters that are new to the city, so you and your crew would be a welcome addition.

  • Pitcrew

    So, by 1e nWoD, it's still the newer setting, yes? Vampire: Requiem, Werewolf: Forsaken, Mage: Awakening, etc.?

  • Interest triggered. Looking forward to this.

  • @runescryer That's correct!

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    @runescryer yeah, nwod and owod are the qualifiers. Owod is masquerade and apocolypse and ascension, nwod is requiem, forsaken and awakening

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    Love this. I've always thought SF would make a great city to base a MU in.

  • So does it require Resources 5 to live in like real life?

  • Pitcrew

    I'm curious to see how this goes!

    But is SF really called the Paris of the West? Is it because they both smell like urine?

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    Paris smells better than San Francisco. Fact.

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    @darc, @magee101 Thanks, I just wasn't sure. I loved the rules update and consolidation of nWoD, but disliked the setting changes, especially to Werewolf and Mage. But, I do wish you guys luck and hope it goes well.

    @mysticalpixel Oh, it can be a wonderful setting for a game. The initial description has a good grasp of lot of the dichotomy of The City.

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    @darc are you doing a closed alpha?

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