What Is Missing For You?

  • Hey all! So, after getting our feet wet on this whole running a gameness, my co-creators/staffers and I have been talking about secondary ideas for a different game. We have a few in our heads, but to try and reduce the over inflation of already HUGE genres, we wanted to start here with a simple question: What is missing for you out there?

    What settings do you beg to see but just don't? What types of games do you enjoy that aren't being catered to as well, or as much, as you'd like? What favorite settings do you have that you would adore playing in and being a part of, that simply don't exist anymore, or if they do, need a new breath of life pumped into their lungs?

    We're just getting our feelers out there to see if this is a good idea, and if we can help make this possible. It should also be stated up front that, regardless of topic chosen, we'll be hunting for extra Staffers who are State Side out the gate!

    Thanks for any help and suggestions, guys! You're all darling!

  • Oh ho ho.

    • Single sphere Vampire the Requiem or Vampire the Masquerade. Preferrably not with RfK's overhead, preferrably 1e NWoD or Revised OWoD.
    • Final Fantasy
    • A viable mecha game
    • Star Trek that doesn't predicate on being a space sim
    • Star Wars that isn't spread across the galaxy
    • An actul adventuring/D&D-style game that doesn't require extensive charop D&D/PF knowledge
    • FOCUSED paranormal. Something like SCP or X-Files, where you play agents, rather than 'ho hum I'm a housewife/schol teacher/underwater basketweaver-ninja OH GOD WHAT'S THAT!'
    • School-focused X-Men (and I mean ONLY X-Men)
    • Beyond-era DCAU focusing on legacy characters
    • Incredibles-esque stylized superheroes

  • Pitcrew

    A supernatural/horror game that isn't focused on teenagers/early college students. I totally get the appeal of that genre, but it just isn't for me.

  • @bobotron All great ideas. I'll share the info with the boyos!

  • @thesuntsar Indeed!

  • @thesuntsar I know some people actively working on this and will ping you so hard when game opens.

  • Pitcrew

    @saosmash OoooooOoooo. I am interested!

  • Games that I'd be interested to play on in some capacity

    • Dresden Files-themed game

    • Dark Ages game (DA:Vampire, DA:Mage, DA:Werewolf, DA:Fae, DA:Inquisition)

    • Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade

    • Magicians-themed game

    • HP-themed game not focused on kids/teachers (the worldbuild has grown a great deal, IMO)

    • Alternative-Victorian-Themed (by this, I mean to be a Victorian Themed game but alternative history/timeline. So that someone like myself as a POC can play a POC PC w/o worrying about "wait--Black people were treated waaaaaay harsher in the 1900s...")

    • Supernatural/Paranormal themed game. Doesn't have to be based on any one canon, but similar to @Bobotron

  • @bobotron said in What Is Missing For You?:

    Star Trek that doesn't predicate on being a space sim

    So a game that happens more on-ground that space exploration/conquering? Like a DS-9 type?

    I don't know if I can post this on this thread, but there was an idea a friend and I talked about as a possible TV show (pilot-TV dreams), that might fit this niche.

  • Pitcrew


  • @darkdeleria

    Well, no. You can do a star trek game as a space exploration game. I'm talking about the usual required xSpace systems that are fiddly and ancient and BREAK SHIT on modern MU* platforms. You don't need all of that to make a star trek game.

  • @bobotron said in What Is Missing For You?:

    • Final Fantasy

    I'm down with that. I'll even chip in where and when I can for mechanics.

    Use FS3.

  • @ganymede
    Why do you want to make @faraday cry, Gany?

  • A Star Wars game set primarily on one planet/system in the Outer Rim so the game mostly plays out as the Old West, but with blasters and lightsabers.

    @sunny said in What Is Missing For You?:


    I do have this old grid just sittin' around collecting dust.

  • Pitcrew

    • Old World of Darkness Vampire

    • Old World of Darkness Dark Ages Vampire

  • Pitcrew

    A game based on Feng Shui - the rpg. It's based on hong kong action movies (think, classic John Woo) and it has such potential to be an amazing MU. Lots of action, simple mechanics.

  • @bobotron said in What Is Missing For You?:

    • Star Wars that isn't spread across the galaxy

    That's actually, something I'm working slowly but surely on. Not making much in the way of headway so far but getting towards a launch proper at least.

    @theonceler said in What Is Missing For You?:

    A Star Wars game set primarily on one planet/system in the Outer Rim so the game mostly plays out as the Old West, but with blasters and lightsabers.

    That's not a bad idea in the slightest.

  • Tutorialist

    Dark Sun. Or at the very least a DnD game focused on just surviving and getting through the day against impossible odds, where you take what you can get and there are few shortcuts. Maybe Cataclysm-era Dragonlance.

    Just anything other than yet another game where everyone lives in a super prosperous city and just collects magic items because there is zero conflict inside the walls.

    Also, please yes do allow for evil alignments.

    ETA: But seriously, preferably Dark Sun, because it is already basically built for this out of the gate and has cool mechanics.

  • @mr-johnson
    Corrolary to this: Star Wars that is a single faction. Everyone is Rebels. Everyone is Empire. Everyone is in the Bounty Hunter Guild. Something that makes people WORK WITH EACH OTHER.

  • Original settings. I'm willing to play something rooted in fanfiction here and there, but that requires me to:

    • Really, really like the setting.
    • Actually know the setting, or I'll probably skip your game entirely.
    • Think that setting would make for a good game; many of them don't. I love Firefly for example, but I don't think setting a game in the Firefly universe would accomplish anything that you couldn't do better with any other run-of-the-mill custom sci-fi setting. It's the characters that make that setting special, which is how I feel that way about most media that tends to get fanfictionalised into a game.

    In particular I'd like more sci-fi games. I think there are already more than enough WoD / supernatural horror games out there, enough superhero games and enough L&L games. These areas aren't lacking, although I second @thesuntsar that I would be more likely to consider a supernatural horror game that eschewed the usual teen/college drama cliches and maybe wasn't set in a small town in America. Go big. Go Noir. Like London, New York, or some other familiar, dusky urban playground. As a bonus, the first two have a literal underground/subway which can make for a pretty neat setting.

    If you opt for London, it doesn't have to be Victorian London. I would personally prefer it wasn't, because I feel like people tend to confuse all things English with all things old and stuffy. U guise, there is more to British culture than monocles and tweed. (I'll make an exception for Steampunk settings.)



    Spy-fi. (Easily combined with Noir.)

    If anyone can recommend a good Noir setting, by the by, you can have a kidney of your choice.

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