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    I know this is probably a stupid request but I'm going to ask it anyway. Are there any pokemon themed or pokemonesque MUs around? I know pokemon fusion is a thing, and it has it's own coded battle system which is neat, but it's kind of inhabited by furries which is... not what I'm looking for.

    Butyeah, any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • I don't know of any such game but I think it's a neat idea. Especially if it had a simple dueling system in place. I'd love to see some sort of pseudo-competitive MU to be honest. Pokemon, Pro Wrestling, Spartacus (Gladiator combat), etc. I wanna talk smack, battle, and deal with the consequences! With Pokemon you also get to go hunting for little monsters and then raise them.

  • Yes there are two that I know of one is a 'pokemorph' game I played on which is almost entirely furries with their pokemon fursonas who've declared using pokeballs as basically a form of torture if my memory isn't failing me, and another is basically a pokemon mud claiming to be a mush. I've got IP's for both laying round somewhere but I can't remember if they're active

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    @mr-johnson Yeah, I think the latter is the one I'm talking about in my post. It's basically a pokemon game in MU form.

    @ZombieGenesis Right? I'm surprised there isn't more interest/actual games for this kind of thing.

  • @lyoneese Once I finish approving this batch of characters for my game I'll snag the IP for the later one for you and edit it into this post. Again not sure how active it is these days, but I had a lot of fun playing a retired gym leader there.

    Edit: Yikes, looks like they went the pokemorph fursona route aswell. uh well if you still want to check it out here's both of them: pokemonfusion.servegame.org:4321 and mush.pokemorph.com:2222

  • Man, a Pokemon-esque game that was basically a MU* version of the standard RPGs, with capture/training/gyms, and where the metaplot 'seasons' were some group (Team Whatever) doing something semi-nefarious and trainers needing to stop them... I would play that far more than I should probably admit.

    It would actually be fairly possible to make the training/battle/evolution system in Python with Evennia.

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    @mr-johnson Pokemon Fusion is pretty cool as is, I just don't know if I'd be able to put up with the weird furry stuff. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and hope it won't be as bad as I think it will.

    @Sparks So, have you come up with any names yet?

  • @lyoneese Wishing you all the best.

  • Pitcrew

    Thanks, I'll probably need it.

  • I am slowly working on a pokemon game using the ptu system. But it is a bit labor intensive for what I
    want on it. So I will let you know more.

  • @seamus But will it have freaky half people half pokemon?

  • @mr-johnson No. The closest we will have are people who have taken to heart an elemental connection, which gives access to a few moves...

  • @seamus Well if you want alpha testers I'm more then happy to tag along.

  • Apropos of this type of discussion, I've wondered if there is interest in a bit of a more non-serious game, like Pokemon has the 'game within a game'. More along the lines of Gundam Build Fighters or Angelic Layer or Warhammer and stuff, where you play people who play these games, go to tournaments, etc. If you've watched Cardfight Vanguard, and how they have the regular 'seasonal tournaments' in their anime, something along those lines minus the Crazy Alternate Planet Thing. Gundam Build Fighters-esque 'build battle mecha models and fight them using cool technology' is more of what spawned the idea while on a brainfart for HotB stuff.

  • @bobotron There used to be an Angelic Layer mush, which unfortunately, was dead by the time I found it.

    I love the idea of Gundam Build Fighter and Angelic Layer and I think it could be done well.

    You'd have to put in code and systems to A) Build the Character with an actual sheet and stats. B) Put in crafting code to build the mecha/robots/whatever's, C) Hold Tournaments for people to participate in, or, allow prp tournaments to be done. D) Have something to do /outside/ the tiny robot fighting.

    If you can do all of this, then there is a lot of potential for a good game.

    I don't know how much draw it would have to the MSB crowd, but, it would be a good game.

  • @lithium
    The 'things to do outside the tiny robot fighting' is the thing. Like, there's socialing and clubs and stuff, but no 'oh noez the world is ending!' type things. Pokemon I think has the same issue, too, but you can always have 'I go hunting for a specific Pokemon' type situations.

  • On the note of Pokemon, I think it would have a draw. There used to be a couple of Pokemon MU*s that hit some snags with the whole 'go catch new Pokemon' thing. They tried to do it with traits-and-roll system, and PokePuppets, things ran by staff... so you ultimately had to have staff around and dedicated to catch more than your starter pokemon (this was, at least, offset by being able to start with other Pokemon than Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur).

  • @bobotron PTU has a system built in to give a capture rate. I plan to integrate this with a simple coded combat system. So players will +search in a grid room and be random attacked by a pokemon. Then have battle it.

    .... At least I hope so.

  • @seamus
    Cool. As long as you're accounting for that, you'll go far. It seems to have always been the problem of most Pokemon MU*s back in the day of their prevalence. My advice would be work some Pokemon Go aspects to it, like teams (both an enemy Rocket team or something, as wel as something along the lines of the Go protag teams).

  • Thread Necro because I got reminded PTU and PTA were things, and now I want to make Trixie Starbright: https://youtu.be/QN5lVdwvufc

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