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  • After having the release date pushed to next year, last month, new rumors are going around that Disney may cancel the New Mutants theatrical release entirely and stream it as an exclusive on Disney+.

  • @Jaded Yes, please. Let it die mercifully. Fox needs to just give up already and let Marvel/Disney move forward with it. If they can do with X-Men what they did with the Avengers, that would be amazing. Not likely, but I can still dream.

    And yeah, I've heard really bad stuff about Dark Phoenix. Really bad stuff. I won't see it until it goes to video.

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    @Warma-Sheen You know what got me? I was reading an interview by the Dark Phoenix producers where they were breaking down why they believe the movie didn't do well.

    They mentioned a bunch of reasons; timing (Alita: Battle Angel stole its original release spot on the calendar), budget, lack of focus on what groups it focused on...

    Man, these people have had their own heads up their asses even before Batman and Robin. The very idea that a film might not do well at the box office because it's not good doesn't seem to mean anything, so they try to barf jargon all over their own reasoning.

    Like... that's the difference between Endgame which crushed it and Superman vs Batman which did not; same genre, similar budgets, buildup from earlier films, well known characters... but one was really good and the other was not.

    Dark Phoenix is no Logan. It won't succeed no matter when you put its release on a calendar. If you want it to do better you should make a better movie out of it, you guys.

  • @Arkandel said in Good or New Movies Review:

    If you want it to do better you should make a better movie out of it, you guys.

    Importantly, the Dark Phoenix saga is one of the most cherished X-Men story line. Thinking that you can reduce it to a single movie is idiotic to the point of nonsense.

  • There's also the fact that the movie that came before it was not great either.

    The reboot had a strong start and then faltered badly. Apocalypse just was not good. So people had very little interest in this installment. They went from being strong to......falling flat.

    Which happens. Own it.

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    ***=What bugs me is after***

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    Basically whatever magic the MCU performed that allowed them to have 10+ characters share the plot without most of them having no impact or agency other than simply firing off their powers in fight scenes was completely missing here. If I hadn't read the comics I wouldn't have given a shit about Cyclops and the rest of them because who are they? Why should I?

    I thought Sophie Turner did a pretty good job though. The movie was crap but it wasn't on her.

  • @Arkandel

    Because Marvel has some brilliant writers. I had to watch Civil War twice because the second time I had to just sit and mentally construct the script as I watched because it was just so good.

    These other movies (Apocalypse, Justice League, etc) seem to sort of phone in the script and lean into CGI and the popularity of superhero movies to carry them along.

    Which is a fucking shame on WB btw because the DC animated movies are awesome.

  • @Auspice It's almost like Marvel learned from their mistakes, but despite how publicly said mistakes were, others refused to take the lesson to heart.

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    Dark Phoenix is to the actual comic what Constantine is to Hellblazer. (I mean the Keanu Reeves movie.) It's entertaining if you go in with low expectations and the understanding that it is not anywhere near the comic. I don't feel I wasted my money. But it's NOT the Dark Phoenix Saga we all want.

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    Rocketman is solid gold.

    Child's play is also excellent, assuming you're not married to the original mythology.

  • I unabashedly love the new Spider-Man.

    I'm not sure I could even detail everything I loved. I need to see it a second time (she says while waiting for the after credits scene).

  • Got to see Good Boys cuz sneak preview (thanks @PuppyBreath for going with me!).

    Much like when I got sneak preview passes (this is just a thing in my life, I swear) to 40 Year Old Virgin when it came out, I went in thinking 'eh, prob stupid comedy but whatev- free movie' and came out pleasantly surprised.

    It was really funny y'all. And one of the most accurate representations of being that age (12-ish) that I've seen. The story structure and pacing were on point and I loved how it spilled out like 'classic 80s/90s teenage shenanigan movie' but very modern.


    Final trailer for IT, Chapter 2.

    I'm excite.

  • Okay, someone broked this thread with bad syntax.


    Mahershala Ali as Blade.
    Natalie Portman gets Mjolnir.

    Fuck yes.

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  • I'm so torn about A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood:
    on the one hand, I know Tom Hanks will be amazing
    on the other hand, Mr Rogers is a figure so cemented in my memory that seeing someone else 'be' him touches on uncanny valley.

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    AHEM. Now that that is out of the way. >.>

    I know Fast & Furious films get a bad rap in nerd communities, but I finally sat down and watched them and they're just a fun time. And this film, I swear to god, is a near-future cyberpunk film with themes of transhumanism.


    It's downright hilarious, it doesn't take itself seriously at all (it knows it's a ridiculous film and just has fun with it), and Ryan Reynolds' parts are funnier than the entire first Deadpool film.

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    @Auspice said in Good or New Movies Review:

    on the other hand, Mr Rogers is a figure so cemented in my memory that seeing someone else 'be' him touches on uncanny valley.

    I had a therapist who, honest to god, had a voice absolutely indistinguishable from Fred Rogers. From the pitch to the timbre to the quiet gentleness to the slight quaver. It was sufficiently pronounced that when I brought it up he told me that many of his patients had said the same thing. Can confirm MASSIVELY UNCANNY.

    Also massively comforting.

  • "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" is good. It feels like what would happen if a student film was re-visited by a director 30 years in the industry. There's nothing special about it, except that it's just...good.

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    Little Women trailer is up.

    Looks good, but kinda really made me want a Little Women TV series, so you can get into the intricacies of the story. Oh well.

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