Game-Jam: Make a MU* in a Month, win prizes (April 15 to May 15)

  • (re-post since the first was lost in the MU Soapbox database crash)

    The Mud Coder's Guild is announcing their first Game Jam with the theme Procedural. It runs between April 15 and May 15 2018, with winners announced in the beginning of June. Runner-ups win books on MMO design while the winner gets an Amazon reading tablet. See the link for more details.

    While they use the term "MUD", the rules say

    The generally accepted definition of “Multi-User Dungeon” is a text-based multiplayer roleplaying game, but with that said, feel free to stretch that definition to whatever limit you see fit.

    So any form of MU* should be okay. You can also use any third-party library, server or toolkit. Maybe try to see what you can put together in a month?

    Note: I'm not personally involved in the game jam. I just thought it was a good initiative that should be supported and spread around. Also fun to see what people come up with.

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