[NOW OPEN] Titanic Two-Tone Tales: Noir (Superhero Mush)

  • I was there when it began, the age of heroes, when the Man of Steel showed himself for the first time, saved the titanic, and all hands on board. When the world gained its first true hero, someone more then man.

    I watched as the first Mystery Men hit the ground running, protecting the innocents, or dieing in the process, trying to follow in his footsteps, even if no man truly could.

    I read the papers, when the Great War broke out, nation against nation, man against man, a slaughter on both sides.

    Signed up first hand, when they attacked New York, when they destroyed the statue of liberty, leveled the big apple completely. That same day, when the war came to US soil, when screams and blood filled the streets.

    Lost my son to the first wave of mutations, and the ensuing riots. No one knew what started it, but everyone wanted to capitalize on the moment.

    By the time the war was over, and we claimed our 'victory' there were over half a billion bodies to dispose of, a number we couldn't even begin imagine before that moment. Massive tracts of no-mans land sprawled out for miles where the fighting was at it's worst. Deep sickly brown smog from all the war time factories blotted out the sun in their rush to keep up with the demands. Hope began to die.

    I was lucky just to have survived...

    Now, the embers of the great war are slowly dieing, and Heroes are almost as common a sight as the abandoned buildings where so many people once resided. Captain America, Spider-man, Batman, and even our own Man of Steel, Superman. Yet even more common are the riots, the rum running, the crime.

    The greatest celebration after the first, and hopefully last World War feels a bit empty in the light of it all. It's a dark, and dangerous place, and you've got to ask yourself, "Can I even push back, or should I just give in, be swept away by the tide."

    Titanic Two-Tone Tales:Noir is a Mush for players ages 18+, set in an alternate universe making use of both Marvel, and DC characters in an original steampunk Noir setting. Original characters are also welcome! We are currently in ALPHA, and you can connect to us at: portent.genesismuds.com :2075

    You read that right folks. We're actually launching. I know people said it'd never get done, but we're ready for alpha launch. With a full temporary chargen system to get people up and running and all our basic systems. Our Launch event, which will be an open invitation scene won't be for a short while still to allow people to go through the chargen process but this is us officially opening our doors for open alpha testing.

    Our wiki can be found here: http://4tmu.wikia.com with plenty of info on the rules and setting of the game and I look forward to seeing you on game soon!

    Edit: Fixed the weird code bug thing!

  • Gotta say this first week of launch has been a blast. We don't have very many players so far but we've been able to stamp out a lot of bugs and get the system a bit more solidified. Added a +staff code so people can see who does what on staff, +roster Code so people can see who's open and who's taken, and we're steadily working to make chargen better, and easier to understand every day. I'm very glad we've managed to get a handful of very active players who are doing their best to make the place a blast to play, and want to thank those of you who've stopped in to check it out.

    Even those of you who left once you found out we're using a dice and point buy system for chargen. If people are interested I can make proper builds of different characters for people to just snag from the roster if chargen is a bit too complicated for folks so you can just slap a background on em and call it a day.

  • Banned

    What kind of game is it? Is it focused around gumshoeing, technological advancement, alien invaders?

  • @magee101 Mostly it's focused on trying to survive and thrive in a hostile world that's changing around the players. There's a focus on investigation and running classic golden age style storylines just with a noir twist.

  • So, things have slowed down to a bit of a crawl here on the server, and I know it's a long shot but I'd really like to recruit on board some storytellers to try and get things moving again. I've been trying to run things myself but I think with some help I can really get this thing off the ground. If you're willing to help out and want to help shape the world we do still have a few players. Things have just sadly slown down on the player front.

    I'm still always willing to run scenes and offer to every day. My active hours are 4pm-5am est wednesday through sunday. Can't really guarintee much activity on monday or Tuesdays but other then that I'm almost always free to run something for someone.

    I'm also here shortly going to be building some pregenerated characters so that players can skip all the point building side of character generation and get right to RP if they want.

    If you guys just aren't apping because you don't really want to go through the whole chargen process and just want to focus on your Background and the like I'm more then willing to build characters for people.

  • @mr-johnson I liked playing there, then I disliked playing there when I got rules lawyered by another player.

    The system is somewhat tricky as well.

  • @lithium You've got to be kidding me, who did that? I'll have a chat with them because seriously that's not the kind of behavior we need on the game. The systems they'd be rules lawyering are supposed to be completely optional anyway I specifically don't go in depth on a lot of stuff the books does because it's supposed to be left up to player interpretation.

    If you don't want to say here can you tell me in pm's who it was? I need to quell that behavior right here and now, because it won't be tolerated.

    The system being tricky is something I'm trying to work on and simplify wherever I can but I never should have told anyone the game was based off of wild talents essential because it's already fostered a toxic attitude from some people where they obsess over the rules in the book we're loosely based off of and completely ignore the rules of the game we're actually playing.

    I'm stripping out some rules wherever I can to streamline, and cut that behavior down, but it's so frustrating when people pull that. It makes me tempted to rip out the roll command all together strip away most the system and just have the CG exclusively for what I intended it to be there for initially: To keep people roughly on the same power level and get them to focus their character a bit more tightly.

  • @mr-johnson Actually, you can just post about it on your game.

    Explain the goal, the positive thing you are trying to get others to join you in creating and maintaining. That will address the given player, and communicate your vision to all players including future ones.