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  • So with God of War coming out it got a few of us thinking about RP in ancient Greece. We've actually been thinking about it for a while, ever since Mythic Battles and the RPG that came along with it was released a few months back.

    Anyway, I was just curious how niche this would be if a game were to pop up using the Mythic RPG and setting? The RPG is super simple with almost everything being able to be put on the MUX as a tutorial room and the setting, I think, is pretty neat. There's a good write up of it here Mythic RPG.

    It would probably be set in one central style location "New Olympus" or something and focus on the characters trying to build a new community while fending off monsters and what not. Game of Thrones meets Clash of the Titans.

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    Always up for historical. Anything not WoD.

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    @zombiegenesis The usual disclaimer ("don't base it on real history or you'll get purists complaining") seems to be covered by the base premise.

    A game based on ancient Greek heroes would be interesting because essentially those were the prototype superheroes. Herakles, Perseus, etc had abilities far beyond that of common people, with their heritage being basically the same plot device to grant them as say, a radioactive spiders in modern day comic books.

    So you could capitalize on that with an extra hint of drama for extra effect.

    • The Gods are cruel and petty, and champions are trying to defend the mortal realm from their games.

    • There's a war among the Gods with the mortal world in the crossfire.

    • There's a mortal war about to break (think Troy, or Persials versus the Greeks) with different Gods on each side of the conflict.

    and so on. You could spin a legitimate L&L take on it using families instead of medieval Houses, but it'd need to be and feel different than traditional takes as well.

  • Yeah, calling it a historical game would be wildly inaccurate. It'd be best described as a post-apocalyptic ancient Greece. Olympus has literally exploded, the gods have been cast down to Earth, still powerful but not omnipotent, and most importantly the world is once again teeming with monsters and heroes alike.

    From the RPG: Hades, having lost the majority of his power, no longer holds sway over the Underworld. The gates of hell are open and even though the River Styx prevents the weakest souls from regaining the mortal world, the strongest warriors, the mightiest heroes and the most vicious monsters have managed to claw their way back up the Styx and back to the surface.

    The gods war with each other as each attempts to be the first to regain full godhood so they can reform Olympus in their own images, humanity struggles to survive, and the heroes(and villains) of the world are forced to choose sides (gods, mortals, or something in between).

    That's if we used the setting from the RPG, which I really like. I've used it a bit in private RP and we've had a ton of fun.

  • So, umm, basically we're talking Xena/Hercules MU? I'm in!

  • @RnMissionRun Sort of? Xena/Hercules comes with an expected amount of camp that I would try to avoid. But similar themes I suppose.

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    Am I reading it right that there is a kind of Highlander undertone where people with shards of divine power can go around stabbing one another to death to gain even more power?

  • @Bad-at-Lurking In the RPG that's limited to the gods. They can absorb the divine power of the fallen gods to increase their own power. Since most heroes possess a spark of that divine power it's hinted that it's possible they could too but the RPG avoids it to keep power levels fairly reasonable.

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    @zombiegenesis wait, you want what, then? Camp is sort of part and parcel to most peoples' familiarity with Fantastical Ancient Greece. It's not just Xena/ Hercules. It's Clash of the Titans. It's even that newer movie with the really zany hats and Henry Cavill.

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    Oh yes... It needs a Joxer.

    alt text

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    I'm down!

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    But will the TS be coded?

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    Awwwh, man. I want to see an Egyptian themed game... I want to make my Bayek of Siwa impersonator.

  • @calindra Considering that Greece traded with Egypt a fair bit, and people roamed a lot (Like whole armies of a lot, hello Persians! Hello Alexander! Etc) there's no reason why you couldn't make an Egyptian unless staff were like:


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    @Lithium No, no. I want to PLAY IN EGYPT.

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    @calindra said in Interest Check: Ancient Greek RP:

    @Lithium No, no. I want to PLAY IN EGYPT.

    alt text

  • @calindra That's fair, I would prefer an Egypt setting myself, so long as it wasn't as white washed as Gods of Egypt was.

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    I would be interested in Ancient Greek RP, particularly something like a Trojan War scenario. It could actually be interesting (but perhaps a really bad idea) for the Staffers to be the actual Gods, and interact ICly with PCs. Like I said, probably a really bad idea, but it could be interesting to use them as Questgivers. Of course, the player of Zeus would end up TSing half the MU*...

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    @seraphim73 said in Interest Check: Ancient Greek RP:

    Of course, the player of Zeus would end up TSing half the MU*...

    At least in this case it would be in character and theme for it to happen.

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