Seamus' Playlist

  • I have played /way/ to many characters through the years.

    Griffin/Bastian(Tian) @ Santo Domini - I also played a Gypsy, but I can't remember the name; Staff Name: Exodus
    Bastian(Tian)/and a slew of others @ Due Rewards; Staff Name: Matrix
    Kami-Meiyaku/Rowan/Shanti @ Twilight Moons; Staff Name: Rage
    Chibi-Usa/Kinomoto Sakura/T.O.M. (aka Bob) @ Magical Destiny; Staff Name: Lord Monkey
    Canis Major @ Obsidian Gateway (Staff, game never opened)
    Winter @ Bloody Roses (Staffer)
    Bastille @ The Reach
    Rowan/Kermit/Ronan @ Metro; Staff Name: Panethino(I think I spelled it right)
    The Dabbler @ HorrorMU

    I know there are hundreds of other PCs that I'm missing. So yeah.

    Current PCs (I only have one.)
    Briar @ Arx

  • Updated... Finally.

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