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  • I want to do a triad pastiche MUSH, with a 25 city (one room with the option of personal player grids as a network) grid based on DC Comics character flavors, and a completely coded Kill Bill/martial arts exploitation style (exploding dice and AP building) combat system.

    I'm looking for suggestions for the surface layer on top, something that integrates as the surface, the skin if you will, atop the motor functions (muscle) and setting (skeleton) of the MUSH.

  • English is my second language and it's late, so maybe I'm missing the obvious but ... please clarify what suggestions you are looking for? What is a "25 city"? What are you envisioning when you say "one room with personal player grids as a network"? The only thing I understand here is the combat system flavor you're looking for, unfortunately. Please define what you have in mind with surface layer versus motor functions and skeleton here. Happy to help, just confused by what you are looking for.

  • I've got the subtrata of the MUSH worked out, twenty-five rooms with the player's option of creating their own personal grids linked to them to make the grid organic. Each room is based on an international city (New York City, Paris, London, Moscow, etc.), with a particular DC Comics' character's flavor that will be written into the city description (New York City is Batman, London is John Constantine, Washington DC is Superman, etc.).

    The setting will be worked around whatever theme I pick, but that will be the setting flavor.

  • Ah man Dimitri Pushkin in Moscow. It'd be great. Right to the moment you can't find rp because people can't find an excuse to globetrot. Word of advice with such a big grid make a really easy excuse anyone can be anywhere. Like let's just say for example transporters from Star Trek are in vogue in your game or something of the like

  • Boom tubes.

  • @misadventure You know as someone who regularly plays Cyborg I should really think of Boom Tubes before I think Star-Trek transporters. Boom Tubes solve the "I can't get there" excuse for not being able to rp. And if you make every heroic pc a part of the Justice League or a similar organization you make it so everyone has an excuse to rp with everyone else. So the only people without an excuse to rp will be the people going out of their way to avoid rp who you probably don't want to cater that much to anyway.

  • @chet Now I understand, and that sounds very cool. What surface stuff are you looking for help with? Different people have different definitions of that.

  • I've decided to go with a generalized Yakuza theme in the future, sort of a mixture of Shaun Sans Pants' old Yakuza theme in a purist's form, Chicago MUSH's Mafia as a rival faction, and MotM's Interpol (as viewed by their player Daniel) as the heroic faction. I'm going with a loosely Bladerunner technology level, so we have the boomtubes, 'Strange Days' drugs, Rumsfeldian warfare for the Shadowrun military corporate ethic, and the 25 cities on top of a very simple one-room-per-continent grid.

    I'm taking my project 'Neo-Tokyo Nights', which I've determined is Daikatana, and making a much more simpler 'Katana', without releasing Daikatana and ruining myself.

    I'm calling it 'Yakuza MUSH', and it will essentially be a corporate criminal versus street mobster versus mercenary cop game, which sounds very boring, except you'll have a neat combat system I've designed where you build experience very simply and advance rapidly at first, but slowly upwards, with more experienced players having a superb advantage (it's just harder to get to the higher levels).

    The combat system is really the centerpiece, the entire MUSH is a showpiece for the combat system.

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