TR Sin-Eater Friends

  • Okay! Advertising on TR has little success, save for people Nicky's spouse (I'll let him decide if he wants to tell who he is here) doesn't like.. I'mma try here. I'm looking to make a Krewe on Nicky. I'm pretty chill about all the things and I definitely don't want to be the leader. /Nicky/ is a badass leader, her player is indecisive and content to do as she's told.

    For me it would be ideal if the people in the Krewe were more political sorts like Nicky or High Society types. Social chars, really. Bonus points for people who can stomach being in the same family as Spider (I have a circle of people who opt to have little to do with her so...), the Dunlins.

    I got a Haunt that will be Level 4 in a week or two (Maybe today if I can figure out how the fig to justify haunt dots), I'd be willing to turn it into a +Lair. THough, besides the Haunt Dots I don't have XP to donate.

    I'm pretty chill about everything. I tend to get side tracked by games so I'll occasionally need a smack upside the head to pay attention to RP stuff over playing as game.

    Nicky is super white knight, a politician, very quiet unless it involves something she enjoys.. She talks dirty but hides it well. Uh.. her wiki has everything, really.

    You can be super casual and stuff, I'm not picky about being around all the time for all the things. I'll pretty much roll with anything.

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    I love Geist and this sounds fun. I wouldn't touch TR with a ten foot pole these days though unfortunately, so good luck with your search. :)

  • @icanbeyourmuse I like Geist, but ... What if he doesn't like me?! >.<

  • @Arkandel I love Sin-Eaters too. THat's why I keep trying to get more people to play them. I'm making a Sin-Eater game with a friend but we need someone more WoD savvy than us so we don't forget books that might be important.

  • @ThatOneDude I will prod at him on Skype. I don't think he's expressed a dislike for you, though! He seemed more like he liked you.

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